My SSI disability, which is my sole source of income, is being held hostage by USAA based on a claim of fraud that they self triggered because I transferred money from checking to savings, as I have for months now as it’s my rent I’m reserving. I was assured yesterday my funds would be released from credit only, but have not. Meanwhile I’m on day 4 without crucial medication to help sustain not just quality of life but life itself. USAA seems to not care.


@RGall, we have received your initial post regarding this matter. I have forwarded this to a subject matter expert for further review. ~ Sam 

Ive been told similar things 9 times now. A public claim to attempt resolution doesn’t negate the actions your company has committed.

They really don't.  Found that out 2!

@brindg, Please share why you feel this way. If you did not get the service you deserve we would appreciate you sharing in a private message so the situation can be addressed. Thank you. ~ Suzy

@brindg, I thought the instructions to send a private message would be helpful. ~ Suzy (= 


Select username on the top right-hand corner >My Settings >Turn on Private Messages >Save. To send a PM select username >Envelope Icon >Send Private Message.