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Do you know when this will be expanded to all states ? I would like to take advantage of this card/program



Hello and thank you for your inquiry. At this time the Limitless Cashback Rewards credit card is being piloted to a limited audience to test the functionality of the product and solicit member feedback. For additional information concerning the future availability of this card, please contact us at credit card servicing team at 210-531-USAA (8722), our mobile shortcut #8722 or 800-531-8722. Our business hours are Monday through Friday 6:30am-10:00pm and Saturday 8:00am - 6:00pm CT. Thanks! - Darrell

I called and they had no clue what I was talking about.  Quite upsetting because I was turned on to this card about a year or more ago when USAA switched from Mastercard to Visa.  My state, MA, appears to have never been availble.  Pretty bad when the USAA rep says to "wait for the 2.5% limitless card" and it NEVER becomes available.  USAA is really letting down the people who have been with the company since they were kids.  I believe the pilot is dead and the card is dead.  Although no one at USAA appears to know or even remembers the card at this point.  

Hello TC101ABN, The Limitless Cash back Credit card was a Pilot. That Pilot ended in December 2017. The data has been collected along with member feedback. We will be sure to communicate if a new Credit Card product is going to be on the horizon. I do apologize the service you received today. I hope I have answered your questions.  ~ Suzy

The problem is that I called and the credit card person suggested that I wait for the 2.5 limitless that would be going nationally by the end of the year.  I didn't even know about it.  USAA basically said here is this card and then never follows through.  Totally unacceptable.

@TC101ABN, your concerns are important to us and we want to ensure we address any remaining feedback you have regarding this matter. We will review further and a follow up will be made. Thank you. - Rhonda

The CEO's office called me today to address concerns.  While it didn't make the card available to me, at least the addressed the issue to some extent.  I have always felt like the CEO's office does a decent job addressing the member concerns.  My issue is with the CEO and the board members.  They forget that this is a member provided service.  It is NOT supposed to be about them and their salaries.  What used to be a great benefit for service members has become an okay to have service.  From the debacle with changing the Mortgage servicing agent and affecting everyone's credit, to not getting the best rate available on a new car loan with a combined 815 credit score, to the change from MasterCard to Visa, to being pre-approved for xyz on a mortgage and then being told by underwriting they will only give us less with zero changes and clean hands.  Some things have changed for the worse and the CEO seems content with letting it go that way.  I think the CEO and the board need a BRAVEHEART style shakeup.  I feel like Parker and Lyles have been terrible.  Parker apparently is fine with NFL players kneeling.  Lyles is actively being sued for his part in the Precision Castparts Corp. board debacle.  He is clearly who USAA should want as the Chairman.  Why this doesn't disqualify him immediately is beyond reason.  You do a little research and it becomes clear that the issues with USAA start and end with the CEO and the board.

the USAA CEO seems to be a perfect match for a wallstreet kingpin financier -  I don't like the changes being brought to USAA either and the quality and care of service to members have plummeted under and durning his tenure.  

I have but seems they have limited information on this product. Can one request access or is being handled demographically?

The pilot limited by audience demographically. While we can’t promise we’ll launch the product, we may expand it to other areas in the near future. The pilot product is for existing and new members, as long as they plan to have or already have a checking account with USAA that has/will have a $1K direct deposit each month. Thank you! - Darrell