USAA is not accommodating to higher income earners

A Dude

Just finished my residency and got my first real physician job and now have no way to deposit my and my wife's checks.  I requested a deposit increase on the phone and even tried to talk to a supervisor, but my request was declined.  The only solution that was offered was to send each check by insured mail.  Banking with USAA is not worth $70+ dollars each pay period and the inconvience.   


A Dude, I can understand your frustration with the remote deposit feature. If your employer offers direct deposit our best recommendation is always direct deposit, as there are no holds or delays with direct deposit. USAA is predominantly an internet bank. We have one bank location in San Antonio, Texas and, because we are an internet bank we make every effort to ensure members know the limitations of large check or cash deposits. Another option, other than mailing the check, would be to established a local account that you cam deposit the check into and then link your local account to your USAA account to transfer the funds to us. Using our Zelle feature on the mobile application would have the funds deposited to USAA in the same manner as a direct deposit with less of a wait. The confidence you have placed in USAA is a powerful incentive to finding better ways to serve you, in the interim, I hope that these suggestions are helpful. ~Michelle