USAA Visa Chip ATM cards DO NOT WORK in Hong Kong, etc.

This issue has persisted for months and USAA refuses to claim responsibility and fix it. Since switching to the Visa chip debit ATM cards, you cannot withdraw money from any ATMs in Macau, limited ones in Singapore, and ONLY Citibank in Hong Kong. I've called so many times from overseas and spent money on the calls. Still, USAA has no answer. What in the world is going on? This is not a local bank issue. This clearly has something to do with USAA and Visa. Fix it!


AndyG123 - We appreciate you taking the opportunity to share your experience. Certainly this is not what we want for our members. I have provided additional information for you via email. Please look for a message in the secure message center. It should be available under "My Alerts & Actions" within 30 minutes. Thank you - Tricia

Yep, can confirm that USAA cards do not work at at least three different Hong Kong bank ATMs. I will try Citibank today but this should really be fixed.

Thank you for your post, CKD28. I'm sorry to hear of the issues you experienced when using your debit card in Hong Kong. We want our members to be able to use their cards wherever needed. If you continue to have issues with your card, please let us know and we will be happy to research further. Thank you for reaching out - Tricia

We have this issue as well, and have not gotten any help by calling.  The only assistance has been from a member who posted a link to VISA ATM's that can be selected for "chip-enabled", . I put in Hong Kong, and selected Chip-enabled and got a list that my son is going to try.  This is frustrating, as my son called before leaving to ensure he could use his debit card and he was told he wouldn't hjave any prob\lem.  As clearly, this has been going on for at least a year, I am thoroughly disappointed in USAA.  At least the representatives should be aware of this to warn customers!  They clearly have not been informed of this enormous problem.  On a side note, when we traveled to France 4 years ago, we had the same problem, but we were told it was because we didn't have chips.  USAA needs to resolve this issue.

Using the "chip enabled" locator did NOT work. I've tried using my USAA atm debit card at HSBC, Hang Sang Bank, Bank of China, Bank of East Asia and JetCo atms near the airport in Hong Kong. They all did not work and after repeated calls to customer service(that had no answers) I googled this problem and found that there is a much info posted in the USAA Community about this problem. The people I talked with at USAA did not have access to this at all and I found it easliy on the "outside" with a basic google search.

I see replies to this thread from people at "USAA Services" (on the inside at USAA) that continually respond to this problem with a message that directs the member to check their personal messaging for more info. They refuse to post what USAA is doing to fix this ongoing problem and do not let the community see this crucial info. Why sweep this under the carpet one member at a time with a "eyes only" personal response?

What follows is a message to USAA Services that will respond to my fustration: "you have my permission to post directly to this thread what USAA is doing to fix this problem that has been going on for over a year now!"

If this doesn't get fixed by the next SSA distro in Feb2018, I'll kiss USAA goodbye after 35+yrs as a member and take that 17K SSA balance with me. USAA has gotten too large and lost its original focus with only Military Officers allowed as members.

Dear Final Straw,


I am very sorry to hear that you are having difficulty using your card. We are continuing to work on this and hope to resolve it soon. Thanks for sharing your feedback. Of course, we would not want to lose you. - Jesse

Please post info that Tricia from USAA Social Service posted privately to AndyG123's problem dated 5/29/2017.

Your posted solution to my issues is vague and not helpful. Please provide details of what has been going on internally at USAA and Visa to fix this problem.

From reading Tricia's reply to AndyG123, is seems that there is some more info and it would be nice to have that shared with all of us that are having this ongoing problem...not just selected posters.

Final Straw, we want to help. I have sent you a message on with further information. Since each member's situation and respond is tailored to them, we cannot always provide their response in a public forum.  I have sent you a message on, please login to review and respond. Thank you. ~JM

I’m having the same issues in Hong Kong (on December * Wondering if there’s any progress or if you can share help to me directly.