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I've been with USAA for 27+ years and I've finally had it.  I'm leaving.  This has been a long time coming.  The first thing I did was to move all of my insurance over to Liberty Mutual 6 months ago.  3 cars and 3 houses.  Liberty Mutual did a line by line comparison of my exact coverages with USAA and they cut my bill in HALF.  This was just too hard to pass up.  Prior to pulling the trigger though, I called USAA to see if they matched rates.  They do not.  I still kept all of my banking with USAA though - until this week.  I have been a perfect customer for 27 years - multiple accounts, all managed responsibly, high credit score, etc.  I experienced fraud on my checking account last week and called USAA to report it.  The conversation sounded something like this, "hi - there is a $5,000 deposit in my checking account that does not belong to me and is clearly fraud. Please lock my account and open an investigation".  You would think that the representative would lock my account and open an investation, right?  Wrong!  They transferred me to Debit Card Fraud who put me on hold for OVER AN HOUR!  i called back multiple times and after an about 70 minutes, finally got a rep who locked my account.  Here's the kicker - during that hour that I had to call back multiple times and was put on hold, the fraudster transferred out $3800.  Thanks USAA.  While USAA made me whole, they have made this whole situation a nightmare.  They have REFUSED to lock my accounts to deposits while they investigate the issue.  Because of this ridiculously stupid policy, the fraudster made two small confirmation deposits into my checking account in order to add it to his list of external accounts at his financial institution.  This additional fraud would have never happened if USAA would have honored my multiple requests to close the compromised account.  And here's an interesting tidbit for you all - USAA has a policy of refusing to let you speak to a fraud investigator, even if you might have additional information that might help them investigate!  Instead, you have to call back in and re-explain the entire issue from scratch EVERY SINGLE TIME you call in to discuss the issue.  I've been on hold for a great many hours over the past 5 days trying to rectify this issue.  I'm done.  I've opened accounts elsewhere and moved my signifiant financial assets there.  I say GOOD RIDDENS USAA!  Best of luck to you treating loyal customers this way!


That stinks. I'm leaving too, after about 16-20 years of being a loyal member. USAA is driving its customers away almost as if it's on purpose. Very weird.


Thank you for your post in Community. I regret to hear of the experience you have encountered. Please know we do value your 27 years of membership and your concerns are important to us. I can confirm a specialist is looking into your situation and as she advised, she will be in contact with you tomorrow. Thank you again for your post.

[SMH] LOL! Tomorrow? This just keeps getting better and better.


We are sorry to hear that you wish to leave USAA. If there is anything we can do to assist or convince you to stay with USAA, please reach out to a banking specialist at 1-800-531-8722.

No surprise that "tomorrow" has come and gone many times since CynthiaUSAA posted above that a "specialist" is looking into this and will contact me "tomorrow".  This is simply one more promise that USAA has not kept.  Not surprised at all.  


Thank you for your post. After reviewing your situation, I see a specialist reached out on 07/05 and had to opportunity to speak with you about your fraud experience. If you were expecting a call in regards to a different matter, I would be happy to check on that for you.

USAA has lost my business. I won't even have a checking account with them. My ex wife was never supposed to be on my individual account and somehow she was added. I received proof from USAA in an email from the ex-wife asking to be added to the account while i was deployed. When I returned from combat (med-evaced), i was falsely incarcerated. At such time, my ex wife drained $23,845 from my account. It was not me taking the money because i was in jail at the time for bogus charges. USAA didn't help me and told me that there was nothing that can be done because she was joint on my account; eventhough I proved that she was never supposed to be joint on my individual account. Oh, did I mention that the ex wife was a USAA employee.

Amassretry - this is concerning to hear. I've sent a request for a Subject Matter Expert to look into your situation. Please allow sufficient time for the research to be completed.

Had similar experiences in the last year or two. I've been customer for 19 years and I feel the same was as mauka and rickzski. I disputed a fraudulent claim and it the app said I'd hear something in 5 days. A week later I called in and ask what was up and they said they had a surge of disputes that they were working through. Not sure why the app still says 5 days. Also good to see USAA advertising on prime time TV when they can't keep up with the customer base that they have currently. A month later an extremely rude, short (probably physically too), and combative support person called to tell me they could not help me without a receipt and was ready to get off of the phone. I was given no alternatives or advice about what I could do. I asked if I could then file a fraud claim instead of a dispute. She said no because I swiped my card and "they would know." When my wife tried the "we are good customers" technique she said (no joke) "So if someone doesn't pay their bill then you think we should treat them differently?" Um, yeah, it is called business as usual for credit card companies (late fees, penalties and interest). The point is that the lady had no interest in helping me. As far as she was concerned I would have to just eat the $230 charge that should have been $24. I'm moving my home owners insurance and car insurance (saved $520), checking, 2 credit cards, 4 brokerage accounts and a 529 plan.  When I called to give feedback the support person didn't even care enough to standardize the format of the text template that they pasted from. So in one chat message it said “I'm sorry this happened to you we really appreciate you 19 years of membership” (in mixed black and blue font).


Also they recently disabled my credit card without texting, calling, emailing, using their annoying messaging app, sending a letter. So I had to find out the hard way that my credit card didn't work and then I had to call and ask why. Of course it was a legitimate purchase and there was no fraud.  


Every time I call I leave feedback and recommendations about how to alleviate a problem. USAA just does not care anymore!