USAA Sucks! Left them for a bank that actually gives a PHUCK

After using USAA throughout my military career, it's offical, USAA does not give two damns about its members. It took me 45 minutes and redirected to four (4) "representatives" to cancel my accounts. Then they said they couldn't send out my check because they didnt know my middle initial. Seriously!?!? I JUST GAVE YOU MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, DATE OF BIRTH, ADDRESS AND TELEPHONE PIN. YOU'RE TELLING ME YOU DON'T HAVE MY MIDDLE INITIAL ON FILE RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE!?!?! GET THE PHUCK OUT OF HERE. PHUCK USAA. Go to a credit union where they actually care about their people over profits.


@Dissatisfied Member1, This is not the experience we want for you. Your feedback will be sent to the appropriate team to review. I appreciate the opportunity to look into this matter and your patience during the review process. ~ Lori C.