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I have had this card for almost 4 years, it does what it promises with one MAJOR setback. It does not graduate to a unsecured card like others on the market. This card helped me improve my credit score and get a car loan, but now that my wife and I are looking at buying our first house this card has become a hindrance. We are now suck between a rock and a hard place since we would like the funds in the CD for our down-payment, either we pull the $ out of the CD and get dinged for closing a account on my report or we apply for a card and get dinged on my credit report its a lose lose situation. Can't USAA fix this major complaint almost everyone has?? Has anyone out there been able to sucessfuly get USAA to help them fix this problem??


You must not understand how credit scoring works. You will not get dinged because you close a credit card account unless you have high balances on your other credit cards.

While it would be nice to see USAA secured cards become unsecured after a period of responsible use,mother fact is that they are clear about it up front that they will never "graduate."

First off, yes, I do know how credit scoring works, as someone who has worked very hard over the last 4 years to repair all the damage that was done during my college years.  If I apply for a new credit card, it will show up on my credit report as a "hard" credit check. Since I have 0 "hard" credit checks right now, haveing one show will lower my score before I go to get pre-qualified, since that is take in to consideration when determining what someones credit score is.  If I close this account and apply for a new card, it will also decrease my history and "age" of my credit.  Also, USAA in thier marketing is NOT very clear at all that it will not graduate, just look at thier page:


Where in there does it say it will not graduate?  It dosent. 



Yes there will be a slight ding for a hard credit check, and for lowering your averrage age of credit.


However you will also be upping your number of accounts and your overall debit to credit ratio.


The two most important things with credit are on time payments and debt to credit ratio, those both far outweight hard credit checks and age of accounts.


Ideally you don't want any extra credit checks before applying for a mortage, however in the grand sceme of things haveing a higher overall amount of credit, as well as a higher debt to credit ratio will far outweight that one hard credit check.


I would sugest applying for a regualr credit card, waiting a month or so if possible and then going for the mortage. It's not ideal but it's not going to kill you.


Also check out it does a good job of putting the diffrent aspects of credit into perspective.



If you want to speak about 'mother' of fact.. When I got my unsecured card they in fact did say that this card would 'graduate' or become an unsecured card after the two years if my credit had improved. As a matter of fact, i spoke with an agent 1 month prior to my 2 year anniversary and they confirmed the exact same thing. 7 days before the maturity of my CD and card 'graduation' I called again and was told this was not possible... How could I be given incorrect information for 2 years and one week before I wanted to close the CD and ask for my unsecured card to become secured they change their policy for the card?  I dont want my money tied up in this card any longer but I dont want to take the hit for closing the card. I have been with USAA for 16yrs and I have never had anything bad to say.. until now!! I am very upset to say the least.


I am so sorry to hear about the mix up. Please send us an email here at [expired email] with the details of your situation, your email and the best way to contact you. We look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you

What about the issue that USAA seems to be avoiding....they need to make these cards graduate!! Can anyone at USAA help us out, been with USAA for 13+ years and have more than 50k worth of my hard earned money in USAA accounts!!!

I don't know whether they should graduate cards or not. That depends on the individual's credit quality. But they should do a better job of telling folks that their card will NOT graduate.

Instead of getting a canned response from USAA indicating they will bring this up with their product team can we get a explanation of the team's current stance. What is the current reason for them not being able to graduate.

@gitrebase, at this time we do not offer this feature on our secured cards. We will continue to share the feedback with our leadership teams. Should anything change, our members will be the first to know. - Janay