Tristan Rose
i have had funds held on a mobile deposit, and now I'm negative in my account. Their reasoning for the hold... You are negative. Taking business elsewhere. This bank is full of it.




Hey. I've had issues like this with other banks AND USAA. It DOES suck. One thing I know is that of all the banks I've ever dealt with, USAA is the most understanding and flexible. Not sure who you talked to about the issue you're having, but I definitely encourage you to give it another go. Call customer service, tell them your a new member and you just want to clear things up. Tell them you're frustrated and you just need someone to walk you through what's going on. My experiences with this approach have always been positive.


Can't gaurantee it will work, but I have a lot of faith in their customer service and the system.


Good luck. And Happy Vet's Day! 

I'm going on 50 yrs! I have never had a problem that has not been solved to my satisfaction and with professionalism. In fact, I


have had very few concerns and most were of my own making.


Please try to work thru this problem and I promise you will become a satisfied customer. You might have spoken to someone


who was having a bad day as we all do!

I have been a member of USAA for over 5 years now and I couldn't be more happy with their service. Calls I have made (albeit few and far between) have been coueteous and helpful. This bank, like ALL banks has to make a profit to stay in business. Unfortunately USAA has human employees and they are not always perfect but I have found them to try harder. 

Thank you for your kind words Gregalley!

Usaa member since 1998. Same thing happened today. Happy veterans day.


We apologize for the inconvenience and confusion. We would like to have our bank team review your account to see how we can help. If you could please send us a message here with your member number and situation, we will have someone in contact shortly. Thank you




From the Deposit@Home FAQ:

Deposits made using USAA Deposit@Home are subject to the USAA Depository Agreement (PDF) and may not be available for immediate withdrawal. No deposit is complete until we process it and collect the funds.

You can apologize until you're blue in the face. What you need to do is recind the hold delays on associates funds. You're ruining an association that General McDermott worked so hard to perfect. Shame on you.

Not a very realistic comment. Banks would be flooded with bad deposits.

Made a payment to my USAA credit card 9 days ago from a bank account I have used many times before to pay my credit card, money was withdrawn immediately from my other bank and USAA was paid immediately. Note in RED COLOR next to my credit card said "payments will be applied on approximately 1/16"...Payments used to be applied immediately to accounts in the past when money was deducted from my other bank to pay USAA, not anymore. USAA changed the rules and is not applying payments the way they did in the past. Shame on you USAA. Especially during this difficult government shutdown.