Linda Ann

Over a week ago, I used USAA web bill pay to set up a payment from my USAA checking account to my USAA credit card.  The system indicated a failure and included a "try again later" notice.  I tried again later and the same message came up.  I check "payment history" and both payment attempts were indicated as failures.  When a payment attempt is recorded as a failure, no money should be taken out of my account.  And yet, USAA took money out of my account, not once, but twice.  Twice the amount that was needed to pay my credit card in full.  One payment was credited to the credit card balance.  The other is just gone.  That's right - stolen.  For over a week, USAA has been unable to track my money and return it.  For over a week, USAA has been unable to tell my why their system failure resulted in bank theft.  For over a week, I've gotten the run-a-round.  FOR SEVERAL DAYS NOW I'VE BEEN LOOKING INTO OTHER FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS TO PUT MY MONEY.


Linda Ann, we appreciate you reaching out to us on Community. This sounds like a frustrating situation, and we regret the inconvenience you have experienced. Your membership is important to us, and I want to ensure your concerns are addressed. I am engaging a team of business specialists to review your concerns and follow-up with you. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns. -Meredith

USAA did the same with my money and now I HAVE NO RENT MONEY AND NO UTILITY MONEY and i have 2 kids my wife and I fought with them most of the day yesterday and oh guess what they will not help put that money back into my ACCOUNT i was going to use my drill pay to get my account out and they did that and then some WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! Im more then furious they took money from my family and will not return it i am going to find another bank and will not be recommending USAA at all i have never ran into this issue the 7 years that I've been with them until now!!

This is very concerning to hear, @Skippy1018. I've sent a request for a Subject Matter Expert to look into this situation for you. Please allow sufficient time for the review and research to be completed. - Cathleen

Welcome to the club. USAA routinely steals money. They just stole money out of one of my accounts to put in another. Thieves....I frigging hate this bank and I tell everyone i come into contact with to STAY AWAY FROM USAA. Go to
Navy Federal Credit UNION>. I am in the process of closing all my USAA accounts for me and my family. And they claim to be be FOR THE MILITARY. THEY ARE FOR THE THIEVING BANKING INSTUTIONS> I may as well open an account in WELLS FARGO> At least they are on every corner.........

georgieporgie, this is disappointing to hear. We definitely don't like to see that you're disappointed with our institution, and want to ensure your concerns are addressed. I will be sharing your comments with the appropriate area for review and follow-up. Thank you for taking the time to post today. -Meredith