USAA Ranked Most Reputable Bank Among Customers, According to 2017 Annual Bank Reputation Survey

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The results are in for the 2017 Annual Bank Reputation Survey, and USAA ranked as the "Most Reputable Bank" among customers.


This is the first time USAA was included in the survey presented by Reputation Institute and American Banker. USAA Bank had the highest score among customers and ranked second for excellent overall reputation. Members scored USAA for its products and services, innovation and leadership.


“It’s an honor and a privilege to serve our members. We appreciate the trust they place in USAA, and we will continue to work hard to maintain their trust every day,” said Chad Borton, USAA Bank president.


“Governance has become the most important driver of reputation in banking. In particular, ethical behavior and fairness are key trigger points for enhancing reputation in 2017,” said Stephen Hahn-Griffiths, vice president and consulting director, U.S., for Reputation Institute.


“For a bank, having a strong reputation is important, because it ensures customers will do business with you, policymakers and regulators will give you license to operate, and potential employees will be more willing to work for you. For the year ahead products/services and innovation are also key dimensions — indicating that product quality assurances and innovative delivery experience are also foundational to building reputation strength for banks.”


Now in its seventh year, the survey — a partnership between Reputation Institute and American Banker — measures U.S. consumers’ perceptions of major bank brands. Companies were drawn from the Federal Reserve’s list of large commercial banks, with final selections determined by American Banker, based on the size of each firm’s assets and deposits. Only companies with significant retail businesses and significant retail brands were considered.


The 2017 Annual Survey of Bank Reputations scores and rankings are based on more than ratings collected via an online questionnaire in the first quarter of 2017. They measure the general public’s perception where the company stands on seven key rational dimensions of reputation: products and services, innovation, workplace, governance, citizenship, leadership and performance.



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Outstanding achievement! Another reason I've been with the bank for 25 years

Thank you, Hblsurf. We appreciate your loyalty, and we look forward to serving you for many years! ~Darcy

@jsonsan, thank you for trusting USAA and allowing us to serve you. We are always here to help and please let us know if there is anything we can do in the future. - Janay

Opened my first account in 1953.  What great service we have received during 20 yr military and many years in the  civilan work force.  Thanks USAA.

@dickydo, It's our privilege to provide the great service you've come to expect and deserve. Thank you for your long-term membership and loyalty.

What an honor. The results of the survey are another reason that makes me proud of my 49 years of USAA membership. 

@jgntulok, it is an honor to have you as a member for over 49 years! We hope for may more!

This is false just like the false advertisment on their annual percentage rates for financing a vehicle. A pathetic lending service and liars at best. Will be moving my 20+ years of business somewheres else.

Perhaps you had a bad experience, but I haven't found this to be true in my case. Not only has USAA provided me great rates for insurance, they have also given me very competitive and low rates for both home and car.