There are multiple threads over multiple time frames covering these topics and, as of right now, there are common threads among all of them:


  1. Most customers aren't completely satisfied with USAA's My Budget tool as it does not have all the functionality they desire.
  2. Many customer wish to use as their chosen budget tool because it offers functionality unavailable with My Budget.
  3. Many customers wishing to use (includin myself) have difficulties syncing their and USAA accounts mainly because of issues on USAA's side of things.
  4. The problem has been sporadic, but steady since at least August, 2014.
  5. USAA has been essentially unresponsive in accomodating its customers' desires in allowing them to access their USAA accounts freely from their account.
  6. Responses consist of "I will pass this on" or "This has been brought to the appropriate department's attention" from either Briana Hartzell or Tara Crooks.  "Responses" like this do NOTHING to help the customer unless they are followed by substantive feedback in the future of which none currently exists in any of the threads I found.

USAA, you MUST do a better job of addressing your customer's needs.  If your tool is not giving customers what they want, then you need to make sure they have the proper access/permissions to utilize the budgeting/financial software of their choice.  Your claims to caring about your customers are loftier than most in the industry, and in many ways these claims are substantiated.  However, when you have customer threatening to move their banking business elsewhere because of this issue, then you need to take it more seriously.  These are veterans and their families you are serving, and disappointing them in this manner is unacceptable.

If there is going to be a response to this post from a USAA representative, please provide better information on what is being done and when a resolution can be expected.  No more passing the buck with zero follow-ups.  Thank you.

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Dear @Okiteekay,

Thank you for taking the time to post. 


USAA will introduce new online banking and budgeting tools in 2019. There are also additional steps we have taken regarding Mint. USAA is taking a proactive role enhancing the way members share their financial data with 3rd party applications. Intuit, who powers Mint, has agreed to join us on this endeavor which will provide more efficient and reliable data access. We have more information to share in this public announcement made about bilateral agreements with data aggregators. You can read the post here:


Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts here in Community. Happy Holidays

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I absolutely agree. A few years ago I encouraged military members to join USAA because they provided unparalleled customer service and a very easy way to manage/track spending. The past few years have been terrible. I'm unable to view my spending plan or my credit card reward points through the ipad app. The budget tool at the .com site is a joke when compared to mint. It seems that USAA has grown too large to actually care about its customers. Marketing and product sales seems to be the driving force these days.

I totally agree that USAA is more concerned with company growth than they are with taking care of current members. I have watched the USAA customer service slowly but consistently decline since I joined 20 years ago. I used to recommend all USAA services to anyone who would be eligible to join. Now I caution people about deteriorating service. It makes me very sad.

As a long term employee we appreciate your comments @leekaloo which I have forwarded to a representative from this team and appreciate your patience. ~ Joseph

I have to agree with all of the posts that have concerns with where USAA is going and who they are servicing.  


USAA needs to be able to fully support the sites its members are using to manage their day to day lives.  As a member for over 19 years, my opionion is the CS and tech support has failed to serve.  When I see advertisments on TV, radio and internet, it concerns me where the true effort is being made.  



@ckostas, Thank you for the post. I will forward your feedback. Thank you for reaching out on this topic in our Member Community. (=

Hello @leekaloo, I am sorry to hear you feel this way about our service. Was there a specific situation you would like to discuss? ~ Suzy 

I've used Mint successfully for years to manage budgets and financial goals. Recently I've had connectivity issues with my USAA accounts.  Please confirm that USAA no longer syncs with Mint, and if not, why not.  (I'm not a new member of USAA, just of the member community.)

Does your account require that you receive a text message with a sign-in pin each time you logon?



On 11/22, Mint has stopped updating all my USAA accounts.  Please provide a status of when this will be resolved.  USAA doesn't have the functionality that I need Mint for.