Toro 637
47 year USAA member who is not satisfied with Northstar Mortgage management services. Since this new vendor, summer of 2016, began servicing our Mortgage account, I have had to call them every month to have the additional principal credited properly to my account. Each month I get a sorry for the inconvenience, but we will fix this problem. To date, no fix. USAA needs to hear from all members who are having problems with this new vendor.


Toro 637, I'm sorry to hear this has been your experience. I will forward your concern to a subject matter expert to look into and reach out to you. Thank you for bringing this to our attention here. ~ Lori

USAA turned my morgage services over to Northstar in 2016.  Since that time I have callED Northstar multiple times because my husband is now a disabled vet.  Northstar has never adjusted our escrow account.  I've complained to USAA, Northstar everyone I can think of.  USAA told me to stop paying the payment until Northstar updated my payment.  We are overpaying each month by almost 200.00 it is crazy.  I delayed payment on two months and all that did was get them to report the payments as late.  I'm filing a complaint with the better business bureau and anyone else I can think of, this is crazy.  We even had the county accessors office send them an updated bill back in early 2018 they still never adjusted the morgage amount due.  DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH NORTHSTAR, COMPLAIN TO USSA, THIS IS CRAZY IF THIS IS HOW THEY TREAT VETS THEY SHOULD BE ASSHAMED!  

@Wheezy, What you have described sounds incredibly frustrating, and I'd like to see if we can help. I'm forwarding your information to the appropriate area for review. ~DC