Recently I recieved a new card from USAA because my old one expired. Never had an issue before, but since then I have had 2 instances in 3 months of my card being used for unauthorized purchases. The most recent one was yesterday. My concern is around the time both happened, there was an influx of people I know personally who had the same issue. The only common issue is the fraud and USAA. We don't shop in the same place, we are not in the same places geographically and no one lost their physical card for it to be compromised. Has there been a security breach that is being covered up here?There are entirely too many just from my personal knowledge in the same time periods for this to be a coincidence.


I had the same fraud on 12-22-2015 (my card was not stolen, but had several fraudulent charges). Is this the same timeframe?


I had my card replaced about a year ago with a "chip" card - wasn't the chip supposed to reduce fraud?  Seems to be getting worse - I also wonder if you are on to something - is the problem systematic?


I also noticed the wait times on the fraud 1-800 lines are very long this week (+30 min). That could only mean 2 things - increased fraud, or understaffing by USAA.


I am curious what you find out.

Dear AmyFe, I have addressed your other comment here, but would like to assure you a speclaist will be in touch. Thank you.

Awaiting a call, Angela.



I have  passed along your concerns in regards to your card to our bank team. They will be reaching out to you. Thank you.

Still waiting.
I've had my card "compromised" twice and the second time was this week which has only been about 45 days since the first one. I believe it's someone within USAA stealing our information because they are continuously committing the fraud and my is only occurring in Texas and I live in SC.


Angela responded to your initial comment here. Thank you.

I also had suspected Fraud on my account(s) the week of Christmas; my accounts (all 4 of them) were all frozen and the overall account was 'Under Review'.

What does that mean?

I've not a single idea. Not a single person told me anything except "the account is under review".

--But i can't use my debit card at all, and it's Christmas week. I can't even log into the accounts.

"It's under review"

--No one called me to tell me the account was under review, I had to find out by the login page telling me I couldn't access my accounts, please call the system.

"It's under review"

And, no one attempted to confirm any purchases with me, or review recent transactions--if it were some suspicious activity then I could have confirmed if it were me or someone else attempting them. But no, it never happened. You have all my $ frozen--and no one is telling me why, except that the 'Fraud' department has a case open for it and it's Under Review.

I honestly think it's because I attempted a $500 ATM withdraw, and apparently the limit is $300? The account went under review that same day.

1 week later, it's finally closed and I can access my funds, with no stated resolution or why it was under review.


I left another review of a similar nature about this instance, and someone attempted to contact me once to talk about it, to which I called them back several times and emailed him but I've not been contacted again.

I'm very very disappointed in the fraud department of USAA for both the communication, resolution, and practices.

I'm in the act of moving all of my funds to a local credit union because of it.



Thank you for sharing here in Community. I will be sending this over to our fraud team for review.