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USAA discriminates against ANYTHING to do with Mexico.  I am a expat living in Mexico City for 3 years.  Since I ahve moved here USAA willfully discriminates agains ANYTHING to do with Mexico.  This is a fact because I have lived in 2 foreign countires and never have been targeted as I am know.  USAA repeatedly shuts down my debit card.  I have pleaded and begged them to stop this constant harrasment because I live here.  USAA employees told me repeatedly that Mexico (the entire country is corrupt) and that Mexican risk of theft is hign.  I find that ignorrant anf racist because I live in Polanco, Mexico, one of the wealthiest parts of the world with roads lined with Ferraris and AMG Mercedes.


WHat happened:  This evening I went out and triend repeatedly to withdraw approximately $100.00 (US) or 2000 MX pesos.  My card was blocked, even though I have plenty of money in the account.  I called USAA while in a taxi and waited approximately 30 minutes for customer service.  They immediately wanted to veryfy me.  They requested my SSN which I gave them.  They requested the last 4 of my primary phone on file which I gave them.  They requested to send a TEXT to that number, at which time I advised them I am using my Mexico cell phone and that I do not have access to that phone (I only carry the MX line in Mexico).  They asked for more verification, specifically the last 4 digits of my debit card which I gave them.  They then asked for the last 4 digits of my credit card which I gave them.  Originally, they only wanted 2 Items for verification and continued "to discriminate" against me because I was calling from Mexico.  They then asked me to pull out my debit card and advise the month, day and year of expiration which I gave them.  They tthen asked for the 3 digit security code on the back which I gave them.  At that time, I was in shock because of the blatent discrimination by USAA employees.   I begged them to reactivate the card at which time they said it was "blocked" and that I would have to call back.  The employee then hung up on me......PURE DISCRIMINATION!  I have been dealing with this same issue for 3 years, it still continuews to this day. 


As I write, I am blocked from access to my money......I spent 40 minutes providing personal info to USAA staff, only to be harrassed and discriminated against.....USAA DISCRIMINATES!         


@Titothedog, thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. I am sorry to hear you feel as you do about the service received. The security of our members accounts is important to us and you may experience instances where further verification may be needed. Your concerns are important to us and I will ensure your post is sent to the appropriate team to review further. A follow up will be made with you to discuss your concerns. Thank you. - Rhonda