USAA Credit Card Not Reported to Experian and Score Decreased Significantly.

Miz Behaving

I have had a USAA credit card since 1968. My payment history significantly contributed to my high credit score.

However, I recently discovered that for a while, USAA has not been reporting my credit card to Experian. As a result, my credit score decreased significantly. And all those those years of paying USAA on time were wiped out. 

Unfortunately, that card was the only credit card I had. 

I foolishly realize now that keeping that USAA credit card as my only card was an ignorant thing to do. And I have taken steps to remedy having only USAA as my credit card holder.

Nevertheless, despite all my efforts, I have been unsuccessful in getting the USAA card reported. That is, I cannot obtain any information from USAA about why it was not reported or when it will be reported or both. I hope USAA reads these submissions and has on staff someone who can provide the necessary information. 


@Miz Behaving, I see that a request has been submitted to correct this issue. It is still in the process of being worked at the moment. ~ Samantha