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Where can I see the accumulated spending against the rewards categories thresholds for the USAA Amex (e.g., the $ limit for gas or groceries)? Should be on my statement or on the account online but can’t see it in either location.


Hello and thank you so much for your inquiry concerning the accumulation of your American Express Cash Rewards. You can access your accumulated rewards from usaa.com, IOS, or from Android. We have provided instructions for each option listed below:


USAA.COM: Access MY USAA, to view My Account Summary page> Select one of the Rewards Links from within the list of accounts> View Rewards Center to review earned rewards> Member can Redeem Rewards, view Rewards History and view their Reward Options


IOS: Select Accounts> Select Cashback Rewards Checking> Select the Menu at the top right of the screen> Select Cash Rewards.


ANDROID: Tap on Accounts> Select Cashback Rewards Checking> Tap on Menu in upper right corner (three dots on Android)> Select Cash Rewards.


Our Rewards Service Center can also assist you at 800-980-8722. Thank you and please let me know if you have additional questions for us!

That did not answer my question. I know how to see what rewards I have accumulated. I’m trying to see how close I am to the cap on a reward category. For example, I don’t get 5% cash back on gas for an unlimited amount of spending. I only get 5% on the first $3,000 I spend on gas. I need USAA to tell me how close I am to the $3,000 limit.

@ J S S S, At this time, we do not have a place where you can view the total spent in each reward category. It's a great recommendation, though! I'll share that recommendation with the appropriate team. ~DC

Doesn’t make sense that a threshold exists but only USAA has access to it. I need to know when thresholdnis reaches soninuse a different card that offers a better cashback rate. Amex offers this visibility in statements for cards it issues so why can’t USAA do the same?

I do appreciate your feedback @JSSS. I will be sure to share with the appropriate area. We always value feedback from members like yourself who are keen on offering us ways to better serve our members in the future. Thank you. -Emily 

Who can I speak with st USAA to identify where my spending stands for each cashback category?

I appreciate the follow up, @JSSS - You can reach out via secured chat by clicking the blue Reach a Representative link in the upper right corner of your Account Summary page. Our representatives are available 24/7 to assist with your inquiry. Please understand, due to security and privacy restrictions, I'm not able to provide account specific details, such as your inquiry. - Cathleen

Here's how you can do it:

Click on your credit card in your online account.

View the current list of credit card charges.

Click on the -How I Spend- tab.

Input the dates 01/01/2019 through the present date.

The total for each category will be displayed next to the pie chart.

Click on each category separately if you want to see a specific list of the charges in that category.

Then you'll know how close you are to the rewards limit.