USAA Case Number [[removed sensitive data]] (Checking Account) – Not Resolved

Calvin Hobbes

USAA Case Number [[removed sensitive data]] (Checking Account) – Not Resolved

USAA has failed yet to correct the USAA mid-July 2018 error posted to our account.

We filed our complaint on July 14, 2018.  After our first follow-up, USAA applied a ‘Band-Aid’ fix that USAA considered adequate but should have embarrassed any professional organization, particularly a bank that specializes in on-line/remote banking.

Our complaint has been ineptly dealt with by numerous agents of the USAA Executive Resolution Team (ERT).

The current/last (?) ERT representative assigned to the case called us at 7:03 and again at 7:04 PM EDT on August 13th presumably to report that she had not done anything yet.  We were on the phone and can only confirm the call through our phone logs.  After we lodged another complaint, the current/last (?) ERT representative had another associate call us at 6:37 PM EDT on August 16th.  She instructed him to inform us that she still had not done anything.  Presumably she was too busy or embarrassed to make the call herself.

We assume that there must be someone at USAA who is concerned with the performance and resolution quality of the USAA Executive Resolution Team.  We would like to talk to that person.

We recommend that any responsible official first read our August 2, 2018, letter and the USAA case notes documenting the inadequate and unacceptable USAA action and follow-up.  There is more than enough detail and documentation to complete a professional fix to the USAA error prior to contacting us.  We do not want to waste any of your valuable time, and USAA has already wasted enough of our time.


@Calvin, I would like to have this reviewed by our account experts and see what is happening.  I have located your account and once the review is complete, we will follow up with you.  Thank you for reaching out.