Baylor Bear

USAA Car Buying Service is a joke. The only thing it does is have dealers contact you. There is no special pricing. Dealers do not honor any special rebates. When you get to the dealer it will be just like a normal car buying experience. You will have to haggle and negotiate everything with the dealer. All this is fine, but USAA should not advertise it is so special, when it is really just a networking system for car dealers to get straight to USAA members. I bought a new car, but USAA was no help and a used my entire Saturday haggling with the dealer and especially the crooked finance department at Northside Imports Houston. The finance director was a real scammer. He would not show me any of the numbers or the finance rate until I demanded it. The car dealer’s webpage advertises 1.9% interest, but he offered by 3.5% and said they did not offer 1.9% rates. I had to show him his own webpage, but he said that was not available, even though I have outstanding credit. I was about to cancel the deal and told him I could get 1.9% from Navy Federal. In about 30 seconds he had a 1.9% loan from Bank of America. In summary, USAA Car Buying Service is really nothing – no special deals, no special service. It is just like buying a car on your own.


Baylor Bear, thank you for your feedback regarding your car buying experience. This is not how we want our members to feel about the car buying service.  We will have this reviewed and reach out to you regarding this matter. We appreciate you taking time to let us know what you encountered. ~JM

I agree.  I just tried it on a Honda Ridgeline and the prices came back HIGHER from the dealerships than they were listed on the dealership web sites that I found on my own!  One even had "market adjustments" jacking up the price.  All but one quoted prices ABOVE MSRP.   I'm disappointed.  I had used the old USAA car buying service before that would search out the best price and negotiate a deal for you and that was awesome.  I guess those days are gone.  

Haxx0r, this is not how we intend for our members to feel about our Car Buying Service. I've reached out to one of our subject matter experts to take a closer look at what might have happened when you used the service. Once we have additional information, we will be in contact with you. -Marisa

USAA keeps replying with the same canned responses.  Reaching out to a manager isn't going to do anything - you need to revamp your entire program.  If I wanted 17 different dealers to make my phone start ringing off the hook when I was driving my car, eating, working or going to the bathroom, I never would have tried this service.  When you call it a "service", I expect exactly that - *service* - not just simply throwing me to the wolves and collecting a commisison off it.  WORST.  SERVICE.  EVER.

@KayserSoze,  I am sorry read of your experience. I will engage a specialist to review this further.  We never want our members to feel this way and we want to look into this.