A warning to those performing USAA Balance Transfers, read the fine print. Was recently offered a balance transfer with a deadline of Feb 15, 2018, the offer was 0% until May 2019. This was an offer I could not miss, USAA website even showed me how much I could save by accepting the offer. So on Feb 15, 2018 I accepted the Balance Transfer offer. To my amazement several days later I noticed that the balance transfer amount had incurred interest. I immediately contacted USAA and was ultimately informed to read the fine print. The agent I talked to was very helpful and she informed me that the offer was only good for balance transfers that posted prior to Feb 15, 2018. She informed me that even though I accepted the offer on time the payment did not post until five days later so USAA would not be able to meet the terms of the offer. I have been a loyal USAA customer now for 12 years and I believe that this is an egregious act to be able to accept an offer on the assigned deadline. Moral of the story read the fine print, accept offers sooner than later, and don't keep high interest balances. 


@kOneArmy, Hello, I have reviewed your post and wanted to let you know I will be forwarding it for review. Your feedback is of value. Thank you, ~ Suzy

Today I was surprised with a call from USAA CEO office. When I posted my message I did not expect anyone to do anything, I just wanted to let remind everyone to always read the fine print. When I was contacted I was informed that USAA would be able to give me the offer as initially advertised. USAA did not have to do this and I did not expect anything to be done, being that it was partly my fault. So I wanted to give USAA credit for having such outstanding customer service. In my experience for the past 12 years they continue outperform beyond my expectations.

KOneArmy, I'm glad to hear your situation with your promotional offer was resolved. Please let us know if you need further assistance. Thank you. - Ben 

How do I get a balance transfer offer?  I am ready to transfer a balance to USAA and periodically get these offers in the mail, but now that I am ready, I can't find one.

@Htown1203, the balance transfer promotions are randomly given on accounts. Unfortunately there is not a way to automatically get a promotion. You can review online under offers to see if you currently have any. Thanks, -Colleen

Wow I am certainly surprised to hear you had sutch a positive experiance with USAA BANKING. In the time I have been with them (since I believe 2001 not quite sure off hand) I have Polar differant experiances from thier insurance, in that they far exceed any expected services and thier banking , in that they screw me over every chance they get. From falsely reporting late payment to reporting agencies then refusing to correct it, to falsly  identifiy morgages as credit card to arbitraily changing my available credit all in an attemp to extort literally thousands of extra dollars from me through interest in accounts that had they not done these fraudulent actions, would have been easily refinanced while interest rates were optimum for doing so. I spite of thier morally questionable action I have regained my credit score inspite of thier best effort to stop me from doing so and am still trying to extracate them from my life.

@oops happen, It sounds like you've had some disappointing experiences with USAA banking, and I'm saddened to learn that you are taking steps to leave USAA. We certainly don't want to lose your business. I'm sharing your post with our team of business experts. We will conduct a follow-up after thoroughly researching your concerns. ~DC

I came across this thread and thank you for mentioning where we can look for this particular offer since for once, after all of these years, I may want to actually take part in this offer. I still have to call since I have some questions in regards to it, but thanks again - saved me some time in locating the offer before calling in to see if I qualified for a promo APR.



I had a differenct situtation occur, I was offered a balance transfer and accepted, 0% interest for 18 mos and 4% transfer fee.  My mistake was I didn't print out all the paper work, I ended up paying the transfer fee and I was charged interest each month. When I spoke with the representative who was also kind. She explained that there was no record of an offer being sent to me. I didn't keep copies so I ended up paying interest and the transfer fee.  I won't do this again.