USAA Bad Reputation of Denying Fraud Claims - Please Be Aware


It happened to me...I was denied a fraud claim and the merchant got away with my money. The issue is that I was warned by other USAA members that this would happen, which makes me fearful of being a continued customer. I submitted a report for an ATM withdraw, charging $218. The ATM had no money in it and I was still charged the fee and amount. If the merchant can track how much cash is placed in the ATM, in addition to the transactions that were made at the machine, this is something that could have been seen. I was denied the dispute and the document stated that "the cash had been taken". Honestly, I am realizing how offensive it is. I can't imagine the issue that would arise if it was thousands of dollars. I would have taken a great loss because of lack of in-depth work done to resolve the issue. If you want to play it safe, your best bet is to not use your debit card or credit card because there is minimal protection with this company. Unfortunately, I will be closing my checking account and opening an account where I am more protected as a customer. I can't afford to bank this company given the types of errors and issues that are likely to arise.


I know how important this is to you, @locness07, and certainly don't want you feeling this way. I've sent a request to a Subject Matter Expert to research and review the situation for you. Please allow sufficient time for the research to be completed. - Cathleen

Was this issue settled?