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I am trying to buy Plane Tickets. Super stressful irritating process in itself.

USAA texts me saying there is suspicious activity on my card. I confirm the purchase. Fine.

I'm waiting for the confirmation of my flight and its not coming. I know that sometimes this can take a couple of hours.

I totally forget about it. Next day I check, USAA has charged me for flight insurance but has declined the purchase of my tickets because its over my transaction limit. 
I totally forgot I even had a transaction limit, so that is on me.

However, it is really terrible that they texted me asking me to confirm a purchase- and then didn't even go through with the purchase. In the context of the interaciton I had with USAA this implies that they were going through with the purchase when in fact, they weren't. And nowhere did USAA email or call me to tell me that they had canceled the purchase. According to the website and my banking statement nothing happened.

But I'm still sitting here like an idiot wasting precious time. 


@ambientlemon, I can understand your frustration. I will have this submitted to a subject matter expert for further review. ~ Samantha 

I'd like to give an update.

I increased my transaction limit as instructed and attempted to purchase tickets again.

AGAIN this process did not take. The ONLY REASON I found this out is becuase I had to conact a USAA representative an hour after making the purchase. USAA refused the purchase because, at the time, they were still processing hte transaction.

The USAA representative I am talkign to is telling me I am going to have to attempt to make the purchase again.

This is EXTREMELY frustrating. The tickets I am trying to buy are not even available anymore at the same price.

And again, the flight insurance transaction went through, so I'm being charged 190 something dollars I'm going to have to call the insurance company and transfer, wasting me more time.

The new flights i have to take are now +5 hours longer than the previous flights I tried to purchase.
In addition to the time I'm wasting on this and the literal money I'm losing 10 hours to flights because of USAA

A USAA Representative told me that the second time I tried to repurchase tickets my transaction limit was still in place, and the ticket order would not go through.
She instructed me to buy tickets a third time.

I tried to purchase tickets a third time and went through wiht the transaction.

She told me that I'd ahve to wait several hours in order to see the transaction go through.


I talked to a separate USAA represenatative and they told me that the transaction limit was STILL in place, and that the THIRD attempt to purchase tickets did not go through either.
This is absolutely ridiculous. I have spent my entire morning on this issue.

Please Please PLEASE update your system to better tell your customers just what is UP. If I make a purchase and USAA declines the purchase- TELL ME. Put it on my credit card statement as a declined purchase.

If I try to update my transaction limit, if that update isn't instant, TELL ME that the LIMIT ISN'T INCREASED YET, and then ACTUALLY ALERT ME when the transaction limit is in place.

HI Samantha please give me an update on this.

I have attempted to make this purchase three different times. Each time I can only assume USAA has declined the transaction, because USAA provides me with no useful feedback on if a purchase I've made has been declined.


The last USAA representative I chatted with told me that


I do not have the time to keep doing this, and I do not have the time to keep getting the run around from USAA representatives.

This is absolutely ridiculous. I have enough money in my account to make this purchase. I have updated my transaction limits. And yet, I cannot buy plane tickets with my USAA account.  I am literally going to have to cancel my trip. This is beyond ridiculous. And when I call USAA your agents have absolutely nothing to say to me. Theres nothign they can do.