As a long time member of USAA, I am truly disappointed with my experience. I deposited $230 at a USAA atm in an effort to make sure the remainder of my bills were paid. Thinking that I can trust this ATM being that it was a USAA ATM depositing machine , I was left very disappointed when I received a “we encountered a problem returning your cash. Please contact your financial institution.” I immediately started to panic as this wasn’t expected and my bills are due within two days. Still hopeful, I reach out to USAA. When I finally got connected to a representative she placed me on how to “see how to solve this situation “ . I was taken back, wondering if she knew what she was doing and if I was in good hands. She then returned to the call as I provided her with the ATM ID# she seemed to have figured out what she was supposed to do? She placed me on hold once more. Once she returned she stated there was nothing that could be done about it at this time and that she will put in a dispute that will take up to 1-3 business days. This is so disappointing and I feel robbed. $230 may not be much to others but it’s literally all I had which was needed to make it through. I don’t have family near to come up with the remaining funds that I had , that USAA took. Because their machine has issues, I’m held accountable for this inconvenience? That just doesn’t make any sense to me. For this reason, if it doesn’t get solved within a timely manner or with the same urgency my money was taken I will be closing my accounts with USAA. I have the receipt and even pictures of the screen indicating the message. The ATM even has cameras but nothing can be done urgently to accommodate me for their inconvenience? That really blows my mind.. you would think they would value you a bit more especially since it was deposited at their ATM. I really hope this gets settled and checked into, because this experience has really been horrible and I’d hate to have to share it with others as a permanent reason to why I won’t bank with USAA after many of years.


Membertx, I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you had with the ATM. I've reviewed what has happened and shared your situation with a colleague. They will review and reach out to you as soon as possible. I appreciate your patience. - Janay

Thanks so much! USAA resolved this issue within a timely manner and I received phenomenal customer service from the ERT department. I don’t remember the lady’s name but she really tried her best and knew exactly what to say to calm my worried spirits. I feel like she did everything she could, and I even discovered an awesome feature on the USAA app from her which is the “upload documents” . I was able to send in my photos of my receipt that stated the issue and pictures I took of the text displayed on/at the actual ATM. I’m very pleased and greatful to have connected with her. Thanks to all of the USAA team!