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I am part of this government shutdown.  I just finished speaking with a rep about delaying my credit card payment - obviously because there is no income coming in.  Their response:  we have no additional options for our credit card at this time; however we can offer a special loan for those affected by the shutdown if you qualify.  


Now how am I going to qualify for a loan if I have no income coming in????  This is typical USAA customer no-service!  They claim to want to help their members, but when the wheels hit the road, they won't do it!


Run away from USAA as fast as you can!


@Shrimp1We are sorry to hear you are disappointed and do not wish for you to leave. 


In regards to your credit card, there is an option to change the due date once every six months. This can be initiated from the bottom of your credit card page under the Account Services option "view or change due date" I hope this solution will assist you during this time.

I will pass your feedback along to the appropriate team. ~ Lori C

What is a better option? USSA screwed me with auto insurance. 2 wrecks back to back, both not my fault but other drives decided not to stick around. USSA went 300% on my insurance!

@Karen Leger, thank you for sharing your feedback with us and am happy to forward this matter to the appropriate area for further review. I appreciate your continued patience and allowing us this additional opportunity to address your concerns. ~ Stacy K.