Trying to setup external transfer from Chase TO USAA account


I'm trying to setup an external transfer from a Chase account to my USAA account. On the Chase website, it asks the username, password and PIN. Then it asks a security question. I answer it correctly and then get the following error message. I logged into my USAA account and there were no alerts/notices I could verify to enable this to go through. How can I link these accounts so I can transfer $$ from Chase to USAA?


It appears that your external bank needs specific information from you before you can verify your account with this method. Please log in to your external bank's website before trying again. (Error code: [removed sensitive data])


@cspre, I'm sorry to hear an issue has been encountered attempting to set up a transfer from Chase to USAA. Unfortunately we are unable to offer a solution since you are initiating the transfer through Chase. You may want to contact them directly to determine if they have other options for you to complete the transfer. Through USAA you can add your Chase account to our free online Funds Transfer service. This will allow you to move funds to and from your Chase account on our site or mobile app. To begin the process go to My Tools then Add Account under Transfers.  You will need the account number and routing number for your Chase account. Please note, we will need to verify the account which can take three business days. Further instructions will be provided for you while completing the addition of the account. I hope this helps. Thank you. - Rhonda