Transferred funds to old account by accident


Help!!!! I transferred funds to my husband's old account. Can we fix that so it's moved to the correct account?


Thank you for reaching out, @Keken. I'd like to look into this for you. Please give me a few minutes to review your information. Tricia

I appreciate your patience, @Keken. Please send us a private message so that I can provide additional information by selecting the top right corner under your user handle for a drop down menu. Please select the envelope icon and the next page you will be able to "Send a New Message". Thank you, Tricia

I'm not sure who to send the message to. However, i spoke to a rep who after wasting about 30 minutes gave me redundant information with a generic response. It was an external transfer sent to a closed account. My husband needed those funds to travel home this week. Now we are being told he has to wait up until the 27th?! That is rediculous! I'm not understanding why an electronic debit can't be sent back on the same day it is rejected if sent to a closed account. The way it sounds is that it is somewhere sitting on someones desk. I understand business processes, however, being upfront and honest with the customer and not giving them high hopes that you can actually help will quell any frustrations with your company! I am more upset about that than anything else because i begin the conversation with money was transferred from our navy federal account to an old meaning closed usaa account. We wasted 30 minutes with her making me believe she could actually help?!

Thank you for the additional information, Keken. I understand your frustration with your recent customer service experience and the urgency of your situation. Have you tried contacting Navy Federal about canceling your transfer? If the transfer was initiated through Navy Federal and sent to a closed account the transfer will be returned automatically. A transfer to an external account takes 3 business days to receive. I regret we are unable to cancel or make changes at our end. Please let us know if we can assist in any other way. Tricia