I keep getting an error code when I need to transfer funds.


I'm getting that error right now.  What does it mean - Maintenance? 

Hi Kyle Reilly,


I haven't heard of any issues, but will surely have our bank team look into this for you. Thank you.

I am also currently experiencing problems with funds transfer 

I'm having the issue as well. I was able to transfer funds at 2102 hrs pct, but am now unable to.

same problem as well, if its maintance that makes sense because I am entering the information in correctly yet it gives the 16:1001 error

I'm having the same issue, funds are available...but I'm receiving an error code 16:1001

I cannot transfer funds either!!! I keep getting an error message

Having this issue and I have never had a problem transferring funds before.
Hope it gets fixed PDQ, have to transfer rent money coming out of bill pay account. First time I run into this problem.