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Recently had an incident in which my vehicle was totaled and I was at fault. I had total loss coverage selected on my loan, which covers any unpaid difference on your loan (if any) AND your deductible up to $1000. In my case, the insurance more than covered the cost of my remaining loan, however they deducted the $500 deductible out of my remaining settlement. I explained I had the total loss loan coverage that covers that and they told me to take it up with the banking department, so I did. All I recieved was confusion and rudeness. I wad ultimately told that because I didn't NEED the loan paid off with the total loss protection I was also not entitled to the deductible coverage, eventhough the policy states nothing to that effect. I was told that's how WE interpret it, eventhough it clearly states it as gap insurance AND deductible coverage up to $1000. I'm tired of getting the ruin around on the phone, can a professional please help?


Hi shep1,


Your concerns have been escalated and the Bank will be responding back soon. Thank you.

What was the outcome of this ?

I'd like to know the answer to this question also.  As a USAA member, I cannot make an informed decion about the value of a product such as Total Loss Protection if I don't know how they resolved this difference of opinion.

@Shocked46Our goal is to ensure we are consistently delivering the highest quality products and services to our members. After identifying opportunities to improve [Debt Protection, Total Loss Protection, and/or Extended Vehicle Protection], USAA has ceased offering until further notice. I am sorry to report that there has not been an update to this communication. Thank you for reaching out. ~ Suzy