Does anyone know if I can deposit a check that has been "signed over" to me. My mom was issued a check and wants to give it to me. Is this possible?




You can deposit a third party check which has been endorsed to you. Please be sure the following information is present on the back of the check:


-Line one should have the originator’s signature,

-Line two should have “Pay to the Order of” (followed by your name)

-Line three should have your signature

-Line four should have “For Deposit Only” (followed by your account number).


As long as the check is properly endorsed as provided above, we should be able to deposit your check. Thanks for posting in the Community.

I see that this was posted in 2015 and was wondering if this is still in effect or has polices changed on third party checks

@Travdee, Yes, the third-party check endorsement guidelines are still in effect. You can follow the guidance that was provided on November 30, 2015. ~DC