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Has anyone ever dealt with their fraud department? Don't - it is itself a fraud and a joke. We submitted charges after cards were stolen and only USAA denied them, even though they were charged in a different state. To take the next step we have to submit through snail mail to get the documentation or send to an email (which was never mentioned). Thanks USAA, you have helped make the decision easy by pushing us over the edge to go to another bank.


Oh no @Jcvaught, that is never the experience we want our members to have. I was able to locate your profile and will share your concerns with the appropriate area for review. Once reviewed they will be in contact. Thank you. -Emily

Let me provide further examples of current USAA customer service: the first time I called, which the email said to do, after twenty minutes off searching she just reread the email back to me and said I should be happy with that. I called again just to get an email address, which was the way I'm supposed to all for documentation to prove that what I said was fraud was actually fraud. Now transferred for the third time and I'm hold for a total of 58 minutes and counting. And no one can tell me what that email is. I'm not holding my breath that USAA is going to provide near the same level of service WHEN OUR CARDS WERE STOLEN that the other Banks did. It feels like USAA is stating that money from us. Thank you, USAA...
I can't resist passing this along - whole I'm on hold for an hour, I get a message saying that I should rest assured that USAA has a zero liability policy for stolen cards; the irony is that I'm calling because I'm getting charged for someone stealing my USAA card. This is a really bad joke.
I can sympathize. My SSI disability, which is my sole source of income, is being held hostage by USAA based on a claim of fraud that they self triggered because I transferred money from checking to savings, as I have for months now as it’s my rent I’m reserving. I was assured yesterday my funds would be released from credit only, but have not. Meanwhile I’m on day 4 without crucial medication to help sustain not just quality of life but life itself. USAA seems to not care.

@RGall, I'm so sorry to hear of your current situation. I will have this forwarded to a subject matter expert for further review. ~ Sam