The following appears on your website, but nowhere can I find out how to sign up

Feel the love


Why is this on your website if you don't let a customer sign up for it???



@Feel the love, Thank you for your interest in the USAA credit card. You are able to apply for the card on Once you're logged on, go the "Products" tab and then select "Credit Cards." You can also apply for the card by calling us at 1-800-531-8722. - Ben 



You were were unresponsive.

I have a USAA credit card.


I want to know how to add the Verify by VISA feature to my existing card.


Did you look at the USAA URL I provided?


Jim Floyd

Hey there @Feelthelove, thanks for your feedback.  Cardholder registration is no longer required for Verified by Visa. Please know your Visa card transaction is still secure. Your security is important, and therefore issuing banks have developed advanced risk technology to evaluate transactions without the need for specific Verified by Visa passwords, providing a better checkout experience. If you have further questions please contact us directly at 800-531-8722.