Why is the auto loan, approved dealership program, and your value of vehicles so deceptive? I attempted to buy a truck today that was 4-5k under the KBB and NADA value and after spending hours at the dealership I was informed by y’all that the loan amount was ungodly lower than KBB and NADA.

There is no possible way to buy a vehicle at a dealership with 100% loan unless you take out a personal loan or pay out of pocket to cover the difference from the real life value over the magical pretend black book value. There has GOT to be some standard or communication from y’all with these alleged approved dealerships.

USAA has really dropped the ball on this. This whole process is starting to reveal that USAA no longer has their military members interest in mind. Back in the day y’all were considered one of the best. Now you are not. Very disappointing.


Oh man! @Chris113, I certainly understand and appreciate you taking time to share your thoughts with us. Please know it's never our intent to make you feel this way. To best address this for you, I’d like to forward it to the appropriate area to further review your situation. I appreciate your continued patience and allowing us this additional opportunity to address your concerns. ~ Stacy K. 

I appreciate that ma’am. I just don’t grasp the concept. When I google black book it says it gets their info from KBB. However, the values are still way off.

Maybe if the approved dealerships functioned off black book this process would be more feasible. However, here in Texas no dealership does for selling vehicles... at least one with any credibility.

Regardless, this still shouldn’t be my problem as a paying customer.

Chris113, I understand your concern regarding this matter. I will engage a subject matter expert for further handling. Please allow sufficient time for completion of their review and we will follow up with you. Thank you. - Ben

Situation was resolved due to a very friendly customer service lady named cierra. Turns out that the original person who determined the value did it as a gas motor instead of diesel. Once that was fixed it worked out perfect.