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I'm a long time USAA member and I need help.  My wife and I do all our banking with USAA.  We have checking, savings, credit cards, our home and auto insurance, and investments - all with USAA.  I guess I should have said we used to do all our banking with USAA since we just learned that USAA has decided to end their relationship with us.  USAA has dropped us - without explanation.  They blocked access to the website, cancelled our credit cards and will not offer explanation.  We have a 5 month old, live abroad (Indonesia) and work for the US Dept of State - I am also retired Navy.  My wife and I both have 800+ credit scores and have plenty of $.  We are never late with payments and are stunned that this has happened.  We've called USAA several times over the last few days and keep being told that they can not tell us why we are being targeted or why they have determined to drop our investment accounts, cancel our credit cards and terminate the reationship.  We are saddened and frankly...scared.  We've always played by the rules and don't know what to do.  I am writing this to warn you all that USAA has lost its way.  They are denying banking serives to a long time member - we've done nothing wrong.  The only thing I can think is that we recently tried to purchase airline tickets so that we can visit family in Florida...Perhaps this triggered some fraud algorithim. 

We are in need of help as we live in Jakarta and are now without credit cards...  Our investment accounts have been closed and I was only able to get onto this site after pleading with someone to reset my password.  If anyone has any ideas or a POC that we can contact, please respond.  We are not getting any support from the USAA reps we speak with on the phone - they are basically telling us "Sorry" and "Thanks for your service"....

We've always been USAA advocates - and we just started a youth account for my 5 month old son.  We're not sure what has happened and to be honest, at this point, we'r enot sure we'd be able to trust USAA again.  Be warned - USAA can decicide to drp you out of the blue - and offer no explanation.  IT IS HAPPENING.  Thank you for your time.


Mr. Pet 


@Mr. Pet, I understand the seriousness of your concerns and I want to help. I have located your information and forwarded your concern for further review. Please be assured you will be contacted once we've had on opportunity to review this matter further. We appreciate your time and thank you in advance for allowing us to look into this matter. Tricia

Hi Tricia-

Several days have passed and we've heard Nothing...  I beleive you understand the seriousness of my concerns and that you do want to help. I also believe that USAA has become a giant bureaucracy that is unable to take care of its members.  I will never forget that USAA canceled my five month old son's youth savings account, our credit cards and all of our investment accounts while we (humble State Department emplyees) are serving the USG in Indonesia.  


USAA has put me and my family in a terrible position.  USAA has made an obvious error and can not even see it or offer apologioes or a path forward.  USAA should be ashamed.  USAA members be warned. USAA has failed us and has jeopardized my family while we serve abroad.


This is happening and USAA's silence is deafening.


Mark Petzolt



A week has gone by since USAA targeted my family while we are serving the US abroad.  USAA has cancelled our credit cards, investment accounts and is closing all of our banking accounts - even our 5 month old's youth savings account.  USAA has left a family serving abroad without credit cards and with significant investment account tax implications.  We need help and USAA's silence is deafening.  USAA please help. Please explain. My family relied on you for financial services and you have treated us like criminala. I'm retired Navy and work for the State Department. I have an 800+ credit score - so does my wife.  What is USAA thinking? Is it thinking - or just blindly following some fraud algorithym?


USAA - where is your pride? 

USAA just sent me documents that basically state they can terminate ones investment accounts at any time. Unfortunatley, the documents do not explain why USAA has targeted my family while we are serving abroad. I am not satisfied with this response and will continue to post as much negative content regarding USAA's activities on as many social media platforms as I can.  USAA should be ashamed of itself - we are hard working USG employees with great credit scores, we've done nothing wrong and USAA is treating us terribly. I will never forget that USAA terminated us while we are serving abroad and taking care of our 5 month old son. It's disgraceful and I will continue to share the story as LOUDLY and BROADLY as possible.

I've already had several State Department colleauges move $ out of USAA.  I will continue to influence as many people as possible to move their assets away from USAA.  I've gone from a USAA advocate to a bitter ex-customer in just one week.  It's crazy - but a scorched earth campaign is my only recourse.  Veterans, Active Duty Military and USG employees must be protected from USAA - I will do my part.




Still no explanation for my family's termination.

USAA closed our credit cards and closed our investments while we are working overseas.

This was done without explanation.

USAA targeted me and my family (retired navy, current State Department employee).  We have done nothing wrong. 

We are being discriminated against.

USAA is even closing my 5 month old's youth savings account.

They've made a mistake - but won't own up to it.

I will continue to post - USAA's silence is only fueling my need to write about what they've done.  Next stop - Instagram, and Facebook.  I've already posted about my experience at work and I will continue to write, post, and talk about USAA's mistreatment and discriminatory account closures.  I will not stop and I will do everything in my legal power to inflict as much damage to USAA as I can.  My story is hurting USAA, and it will continue to do so.  I plan to keep this dumpster fire burning - watch me.  USAA may remove these posts or make them difficult to find - but they'll be unable to stop my posts elesewhere.  All I need is a reason and apology.  I realize a reason will not be given - as that would make USAA vulnerable to legal action.  Not my problem. I keep posting and keep spreading anxiety and doubt wrt USAA until I get the apology and a reason.


Mr. P

Hello @Mr. Pet, I will get your inquiry forwarded to a subject matter escalated to a subject matter expert. Once reviewed they will be in contact with you. -Colleen

Hi Colleen!

I haven't heard a thing.  By the way, your reply was incoherent.  Please have someone proof read your replies before posting.  Strive for clarity of thought.  

I know there isn't a person there with the gumption or honor to speak with me.  You should be ashamed of yourself if you weren't sincere about having someone contact me....

USAA shoud be ashamed for cancelling the credit card of a veteran and current US Dept of State employee who is currently serving the USG.  Saddling my wife and five year old with credit card cancellation, investment account closures and bank account closures is not honorable and is the work of cowards who hide behind their computers.  Call me anytime - come see me at the US embassy where I work and explain to my five month old why you closed his youth savings account.

USAA is no longer an honorable institution.  

I'm warning everyone reading this - do yourself a favor and terminate your relationship with USAA.  


Mr. P


Hi Tricia?

Nothing to say?

Let me know if you plan to respond.

USAA's silence on this matter is sad.

Are you embarassed?  Dissapointed?  

I'm taking my posts about the matter up a notch.  Get your popcorn ready.


Mr. P

Still no reason-other than unacceptable behavior- given for my account closings.


Account closings include:

My credit card, checking and savings accounts and all of my investment accounts.

My wife's credit card, checking and savings accounts and all of her investment accounts.

My five month old's youth savings and youth spending accounts.


USAA's behavior is disgraceful.  I'm very disspointed and am doing my part to warn as many people as possible.  My mission is to sew doubt and uncertainty in the minds of as many USAA members as possible.  I'm having some impact locally and will continue to speak out.  


Please see below USAA response to a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau complaint I filed.  This is a typical USAA response - covering their butt but providing zero in the way of a reason for the account closures.  I will be posting this EVERYWHERE as it demonstrates USAA's callousnes and preference to hide behind documents rather than to provide an apology and reason for closing my family's accounts while we are serving the USG abroad.


================USAA response to CFPB Complaint Below==========================

Company's Response

Date of response: August 10, 2018. In your submission, you state that on July 26, 2018, USAA closed all of your banking and investment accounts, along with your wife’s investment accounts and credit card. You contend that no reason was given. You ask for an explanation of the closure, for the accounts to be restored, and to receive an apology. On July 25, 2018, USAA Savings Bank mailed a letter to your address on file informing you that your credit card ending in 34XX had been closed due to unacceptable behavior or activity. That same day, USAA Federal Savings Bank mailed letters informing you that your deposit accounts ending in 03XX, 03XX, 58XX, 67XX, and 6XX would be closed on August 24, 2018. The letters further advised that USAA would discontinue your bank access to and would deny applications for other USAA products and services. USAA credit cards are governed by the USAA Credit Card Agreement (Agreement), while USAA deposit accounts are governed by the Depository Agreement and Disclosures (DAD). Both the Agreement and the DAD are provided to account holders and are available at The Agreement states, “We may close or suspend an Account at any time without prior notice.” The DAD states, “FSB may close your account at any time without advance notice.” Jeanni Clinton, of our bank staff, was unsuccessful in reaching you to discuss your concerns regarding your credit card and deposit accounts. On July 27 and August 2, 2018, USAA Investment Management Company (IMCO) sent you letters to your address on file regarding your investment accounts, which included a USAA Individual Brokerage account and a USAA Managed Portfolio (UMP) account. USAA Brokerage accounts are governed by the Brokerage Customer Account Agreement, which states, “We [IMCO] or NFS [National Financial Services LLC] can terminate your account or this agreement at any time, for any reason, upon written notice to you.” UMP accounts are governed by the USAA Managed Portfolios Investment Advisory Agreement, which states, “We [IMCO] may close your Program Account and cease providing advisory services under this Agreement after we have given you written notice of our intent to terminate the Agreement.” IMCO is unable to discuss or provide information on accounts which do not list you as an account holder. We appreciate the opportunity to review this matter and respond to you. Credit cards are issued by USAA Savings Bank and serviced by USAA Federal Savings Bank, both Member FDIC. Other bank products are issued and serviced by USAA Federal Savings Bank. USAA means United Services Automobile Association and its affiliates. Accounts are introduced and brokerage services provided by USAA Financial Advisors, Inc. (FAI) and USAA Investment Management Company (IMCO), both registered broker-dealers, Members SIPC. Clearing, custody and other services provided by National Financial Services LLC (NFS), Member NYSE, SIPC.