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I spoke with a rep who advised that biometrics like face or fingerprint is not an option for teen checking. Why? Seems like it should be the opposite


Dear @batman23,


I can understand the confusion with the biometrics feature. The reason is due to legal implications. A minor would not be able to enter into our agreement to use the biometrics features. Thanks for checking with us. - Jesse

Thanks for the response and that makes sense. But as a parent we should have legal authority to authorize or complete such agreement. Correct?

batman23 - In most cases, a parent can give consent or authorize an agreement on behalf of a minor. We appreciate the feedback. - Jason

In this case can I authorize the biometrics then ?

batman23 - We appreciate the suggestion, but we are unable to make exception at this time. Of course, you have this security feature available through your login as an account holder. Thanks, Jason

I am aware I have the option available. But in my opinion USAA is allowing failed or bad policy dictate and creates security concerns for minor accounts.

Thank you for sharing your concerns, @batman23. You can rest assured that we're taking your feedback seriously and I will certainly share your concern with the appropriate area. Tricia