Take a Screenshot of your Direct Deposit Offer!


We signed up for the new Secure Checking Account with the $300 credit for direct deposit back in June. Like everyone else, we haven't received our credit yet. We checked on 15 Sept and the offer was still listed under our "My Offers" tab. It stated that we had accepted the offer on 5 June.  Checked again today and still hadn't received our credit, and now the offer was gone! We called customer service to confirm we were still showing as qualifying for the credit and they are saying that the offer is not listed on our account. Like everyone else, they told us the credits will be deposited 30 Sept but now I don't know if we'll get ours.


So I just wanted to post to warn everybody to take a screenshot of your offer as proof, if it's still showing on your account!


10 more days. What are we going to do if they do not deposit the money? I have been banking on it since June.

I would stop banking on it and would definitely take a screenshot of your offer (under the "My Offers" tab) as proof that you are supposed to get the credit. Personally we are using these 10 days to get insurance quotes from other companies as we are going to close our USAA account if we don't get the money. There were a few other banks in our area making this offer and we could have opened an account with them, this is garbage from USAA and I am shocked since we have had our insurance with them for 8 years and they have been great until now. We have been very disappointed with the checking account anyway, the online bill pay is a joke - they just mail a check and we have already gotten 1 late fee because of it.

Did u receive an email saying your card was on the way?

We received an email saying our account was opened but the $300 credit was not mentioned in it. Why?

My offer has also disappeared. I even called last Monday to make sure everything was on track and was told my account looked good and I had met the requirements for the promotion. Now after reading the problems people are having getting the $300 and the offer disappearing I am beginning to worry...
Mines gone too...I'm pretty sure we aren't getting it. However I would take into account that they have had some website upgrades but I'm still betting they come up with an excuse not to us that money which kind of makes me angry with usaa even after they've been pretty to good to me
I did do thumbing through my old emails and found the one where they initially offered the $300 at the end of may and where they have the date listed when the promo ended, and my account setup date is definitely before that. With that said, it would be enough to dispute with my state attorney general, especially with everyone on here having issues as well. So if i were you folks, id thimb through your old emails and see if you can find it.
I think the reason the offer is no longer showing under my offers is because we had up until the 15th or 16th to fulfill the requirements. After that USAA has up until the 30th to apply the funds. Let's hope they keep their word and we all get what was promised to open our accounts