Hi there,


I recently got a Venmo card after they launched that feature, and turned the reload feature on through the Venmo app to pull from my USAA Checking Account in increments of 10.00 if my Venmo balance wasn't enough.


Today was my payday, and I have probably more than 20-30 $29.00 NSF fees charged to my account!  There is NO way this is accurate.  Today was my payday, rent was due, and ALL my money is gone to NSF fees.  Please help!!!  I don't know what to do, and I can't afford something like this happening.  I used to be able to dispute transactions on my account online, but that option is no longer available.


My paycheck was more than $1,000 and ALL my money is gone.  I don't know what to do.  Please, help.  I can't even afford to live.


Oh no @schild22, I was able to locate your profile, please bear with me while I review. -Emily

I understand the urgency of your situation. To provide you with the best service, I would recommend that you chat with us by going to Ask USAA on your account summary page. Due to security and privacy restrictions, I'm not able to provide account specific details via social media. -Emily