So my payroll company screwed up the direct deposit and we all got handed paper checks today. Since I am new to USAA, I thought, "no biggie! I'm sure this wont be an issue!" 


USAA sucks with check deposits. They wouldn't allow me to use my app to snap a pic of the check because a third party vendor made me overdraft and refunded the money immediately. But now I'm screwed on that for the next 6 months.

Then I find out I can go to a UPS, but USAA will hold my check for  SEVEN to TEN BUSINESS DAYS!!!! IT'S THE SAME CHECK THAT GETS DEPOSITED EVERY TWO WEEKS!!!!! 

I left my old bank because I thought USAA would be convinient and had some additional services. Plus I liked the whole "no atm fee" stuff (that turned out to be a lie... I get hit with an ATM fee every time I use one). 

I'm seriously considering choosing a different bank. Severely dissapointed. 


Hi AhndiGi,


We really appreciate the time it has taken for you to comment here in Community. USAA does consider many factors when determining to place a hold on your deposit. USAA will place a hold for a maximum of 7 business days. Keep in mind, business days will exclude weekends and holidays. If you have not already done so, please contact one of our bank specialists at 1-800-531-USAA (8722) to determine the reason for your hold. Since we do not have access to your account here, they will be able to review your account with you.


Thank you again for your comment.


Hi Angela, 

Thanks for explaining what a business day is. However, the "reason" for the hold is irrelavant. It still means I wont have access to my money for almost two weeks. What I'm simply pointing out is how unreasonable USAA's policies are when it comes to electronic deposits. There's no logical reason why my account should be suspended from mobile deposits for 6 months; just like there's no logical reason to hold a check for 7 days (business or not). The reason is the same for both: a company took an unathorized withdrawal and it made me go into the negative. Now even though they refunded it back, the damage is done (apparently for 6 months). All it would take is for USAA to look at my account in 30 seconds, see the transaction, and realize that my account should not be placed in this holding pattern. But that's too much work apparently. 


I understand what you are saying, AhndiGi and I know this can be frustrating. I have passed along your comment to our bank team and I assure you that I will have someone look into this matter for you. Thank you.

Well lookie here.... 3 WHOLE YEARS LATER and they are still doing the SAME THING