(I don't know if this is the right place to make a suggestion.  If not, please direct me where to go.  I tried to send a suggestion to USAA via their e-mail, but it said it was no longer accepting them.)

There's really no good reason there aren't timestamps on our credit card transactions. There's quite a few reasons customers may like (or even need) to have that information. There's been a few times in the past where I would have liked to have that information for various reasons, but this latest incident prompted a need. Let me explain what happened.


I have a lot of DVR footage to look through for a potential crime that happened in my driveway. The amount of hours I'd have to spend sifting through footage would be reduced to minutes if I can find out the time I made a certain transaction, because I know that, if it did happen, it happened within a half an hour before that transaction.  Now, I honestly don't remember what time it happened.  I have an eight-hour timeframe to work with.


I've seen posts requesting this since at least 2014, so it looks like USAA has no interest in implementing this feature. Let me tell you, USAA, having this feature will be appealing to potential new customers that have had the problem that I'm going through now. I'd honestly like to find a credit card that does show time stamps now and go with that. I never know when I'm going to need it.  Plus adding a feature like this sounds simple and shouldn't be too time-consuming or costly on labor on your part.


Please consider implementing this feature.


@deepspace9, I'd be happy to submit his suggestion for you. The confidence you have placed in USAA is a powerful incentive to finding better ways to serve you. Please note, due to the volume of feedback received from members we are unable to notify each member individually if an idea or comment results in a direct change; however, your concerns and feedback have been shared with the website development teams for consideration in future website updates. If the transaction was recent, in the last 2 days,  I would be happy to take a look in the system to see if I can still see the time stamp. If you would like me to attempt please send a private message with the amount of the transaction. To send a private message, please select your profile name at the top right of the screen and select "My Settings".  From there at the top of your screen go to "Private Messenger" and "Turn on Private Messages".  After this you can select your name again from the top right of the screen and select the envelope icon to view and send your own private messages. ~Michelle