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I am a 24 year USAA customer and despite paying higher rates for insurance have never thought about leaving.  I have remained loyal because I have always thought that this company viewed me as more important to them than other companies I have dealt with.  I have my banking, car insurance, homeowners, personal property, HELOC loan, and most recently windstorm insurance with them.  I am a Navy veteran and currently work as a firefighter/paramedic in my local community.  NONE of this meant anything to them in regards to my recent experience involving my homeowners insurance.

     Last week I received a letter from my mortgage lender that I no longer had homeowners insurance and that they would add it if I did not respond.  My initial thought was -what has Chase messed up now?-  I called USAA first so that I would have my homework done prior to chewing out someone at Chase.  BOY WAS I SURPRISED.  I was told that because I didn't sign a windstorm exclusion form that my coverage was not renewed.  Keep in mind I had just added windstorm through USAA as a seperate policy.  They said that they sent the form to me twice and emailed me twice.  I didn't get the form or the emails.  Not impossible of course since during the time I was busier than normal with work while simultaneously having multiple renovation projects and all of the flooring in my house replaced (if you have had this done, you know how miserable it can be.)  They never called me to tell me that the policy I have had for the last 12 years had been cancelled.  At the time I called USAA I had been without insurance on my home for 30 days.  No worries let's get the policy back in place right?  Printed off the form straight away, signed, scanned, and emailed back within minutes  BAM!  They now wanted me to pay 2 1/3 times the cost of my original policies price.  Spoke with 5 different reps and 4 of them would not ever get passed the "well we notifed you 4 times issue"  They were extremely rude and condescending.  The last rep actually stated the he had no supervisor on hand when I asked for a higher up.  I was not asking for anything other than to reinstate the policy for the price I had been paying.  I did not even ask for the policy to be retroactive to the original date.  The one rep who was smart enough to actually try to get to the solution ended up not calling me back after supposedly escalating it to a supervisor.  My last attempt was an email on the website about my experience in an attempt to get someone with some decision making ability to help me.  Got a response and a call the next day, so I thought cool help is on the way.  NOPE!  Supposedly I was speaking with xxxxx from the CEO's office, but let me tell you.  She was the rudest most impersonal contact I have made during this incident.  She was just like the 4 other reps never being able to get passed the whole "we attempted contact with you 4 times so it's your fault" issue.  Honestly she was the salt in the wound.  I am in the process of moving all of my business back to Navy Federal.  A bank that actually appreciates service members.  The reason for this post is to educate other customers and to add my voice to all the other complaints.  You might be saying to yourself "Hey, USAA has been great to me!"  I said the same thing up until last week.  But the thing is- I haven't actually ever had to put them to the test until now.  Get out now and find a better company with better rates.  This company is operating under a military uniform that they no longer deserve to wear.   



Thank you for taking the time to post your experience here in the community. I have escalated your comment and situation to our insurance department who will take a deeper look into what happened and a service representative will be in touch personally to discuss. thank you.
Usaa is really good for screwing vets over. False advertising too. Crashed my truck my only vechicle that held my whole family. 4 kids in car seats and my husband who's currently on his death bed. They are going to spend 3 months fixing a truck I wrapped into a power line tree then into a 40 ft pine tree at 60 mph and won't help with a rental big enough for my ffamily. They are only willing to give me an economy car said I have to pay for the rest even tho I haven't had an income for the last year. Mean while I have no way to transport kids to school let alone their dad to his medical treatments. They are just helping my husband die fast and causing more chaos in my house. Feel your pain!


I am so sorry to hear about your situation and your car accident. I have escalated your comments over to our insurance department who will be reaching out to you next week. I will be keeping your family in my thoughts and hope your husbands health improves. Thank you..

I would expect much better service from USAA. Courtesy and service have been hallmarks of USAA in the past.

Yeah, done that already Brianna.  Let me save you time.  Your stance is that you are unable to give me back my old rate because you "have to stay consistent with current insurance rates"  Never mind that it is twice + the rate of my original policy.  Your company even has the nerve to justify it by stating that is because I let it lapse.  NEGATIVE!  I had no idea my policy was not going to be automatically renewed like it had been for the last 12 years.  Everyone knows that USAA has higher rates.  That used to be fine with me because I felt like I was paying for piece of mind.  Everything is good when there are no problems of course, but heaven forbid they have to do something that causes some actual thought.  So anyway - my account has 6 other customers or future customers (kids) associated with it.  You are losing not only my business, but theirs as well.


Just wanted to get back on here and give an update to anyone who had read or was interested in the outcome.  USAA did call me and was able to put my policy back in place for the same amount.  I am very happy that I got to speak with someone who could finally help me.  The two reps that I spoke with provided me with the customer service I expect from USAA.  It is unfortunate that it had to get to that point and certainly there was damage to the relationship, but I am going to see how it goes.  I would hope that maybe my situation would allow them to realize that they need a more streamlined escalation process for those of us who encounter problems beyond the simple or normal sorts.


      Brianna, I was blunt and slightly rude to you, but I wanted to say thank you for your assistance.  You did an awesome job and the reason I got the help I needed.  I wish I could heap more praise on you because I do greatly appreciate what you did, hopefully what I wrote translates that.  You kept a customer for USAA.  Keep up that good work!

Dear MacPartic,

Thank you for keeping us up to date! I am so very glad to hear you got your policy back in place!


Thank you for your kind words as well, it makes my day to hear you are now satisfied! I look forward to your continued participation in the community!! :)