Step One of getting a Debt Consolidation Loan: Where to Apply

Is there a correct way as to how one should decide which Financial Institution they should apply for a Debt Consolidation Loan with? I get many “You Have Been Pre-Approved” notices in the mail; but, I don’t know where to begin. I would assume that where to apply is need/requirement specific with many factors to consider (good credit/bad credit, long-term/short-term, low rates/high rates, etc., etc.). There must be ways to determine which Financial Institution(s) to apply with based on one’s needs; but, how is this done?


Excellent question @RSSMyBankCommunity. We do not offer any type of Debt Consolidation loan, however we do offer personal loans that can be used for that purpose. You would need to submit an application and it does run your credit. The amount that is qualified for would depend once those details are pulled. You can apply on>Products>Personal Loans. I hope these details are helpful, have a great day!. -Emily