Insurance side is well ran, banking and loan servicing side, well, stay away. I paid a 12,901.05 payment in full and asked that the auto payment not be processed since i paid in full and was assured it wouldn't. They did anyhow. Now 305.78 taken from bank in error by them then 7 yes 7 calls later after people who knew nothing or no help or hanging up on me or tranferring to wrong dept then transferring to survey etc... i finally speak to a so called executive, in account resolutions, and told nothing new except nothing she can do about their error and takes 7 to 10 business days to get my money back in my account. So, my bank Amegy, told me they wiuld put it back in and dispute USAA's draft. Amegy services my money better than USAA. Wow! Time to look for new insurance company as well. This is wht I am glad we had our Mercedes-Benz finamced by MB instead of USSA, which we just paid off in under 3 years and now I get one also. It too will not be financed by USAA.


SgtArgy, I'm sorry to hear of your recent experience on your loan payment. I would like to review further and I have shared your situation with a colleague. We will reach out to you soon and look forwards to working with you. - Janay