Stay Away from Nationstar Mortgage (sub-servicer of USAA) and USAA's Bill Pay


I've been a proud member of USAA for 30+ years. I've been honored to be a USAA member up until the last few months when Nationstar took over as a sub-servicer for our USAA mortgage. Every month, I make a mortgage installment payment using USAA's bill pay system. My payments are always early. Every month since taking over our loan, Nationstar has failed to post our mortgage installment against our account. Every month, I receive a phone call asking when I plan to make a payment when, in fact, Nationstar has had my payment all along! I've had to spend hours on the phone with Nationstar and USAA trying to figure out what happened to my payment each month. I've had to provide documentation that the payment had been made. It's humiliating and uncalled for! Nationstar blames USAA for the lapse ... and USAA faults Nationstar! In the meantime, I'm getting nowhere and I'm more than frustrated!! Today, I received another call from Nationstar asking where my Oct. 1st payment was. I made the payment on 9/20 via USAA's web site!! I also received a letter from Nationstar stating that I would incur a late fee for a payment that they actually have but haven't posted (how does a mortgage company continually lose payments???). Unacceptable!


Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Cheeb. I've requested a colleague in the appropriate department look into this and see what options are available for resolution. Please allow sufficient time for the research to be completed. - Cathleen


Your "colleages" have looked into this situation each month since August. Last month, Nationstar promised the issue had been resolved and would never happen again. WRONG!! I don't know what it will take for USAA to actually TAKE ACTION ... but I am distressed to have to endure the same nightmare month after month. USAA's good name is at stake (I'm losing respect and confidence in your company's ability to handle my financial needs). And our excellent credit rating ~ which I protect at all costs ~ is in jeopardy through no fault of my own! That, ma'am, is a deal breaker. 

Nationstar is a predatory company. Their primary function foreclose. They used the same tactics on my parents; holding checks until a late fee accrues, no notice and no new payments accepted until late fees paid. More late fees on the late fee. Payments not posted. More late fees. Finally call to request payment after 3 months of not accepting payment and a small fortune of late fees. Just get away from Nationstar. They're bad news.

Hello Arty85 and thank you so much for sharing your feedback. We are certainly sorry to hear about your parents experience. USAA is always here to support our members if there are any concerns with companies we use to service our mortgage loans. Thank you! - Darrell 

It is ridiculous how USAA has been treating their members.  To make matters worse, we as consumers have no say in who these mortgages get sold to.  It seems USAA doesn't bother to propertly vet the companies they do business with and will sell your mortgage to anyone.  If you're in the posistion to do so, I would recommend re-financing with another company that will actually do what they're supposed to.  Good luck to you and I hope this situation gets resolved quickly.  

This information needs to filed with the regulators - OCC, CFPB, etc.  That is the purpose of the regulators and the banks are required to research, respond and resolve with a very specific time frame.  Banks do not want to receive regulator complaints as it puts them in a closer view.  Believe me, I work for a bank and very closely with the complaint management department.

Thank you for the information! While the OCC said they were unable to help, I have filed a complaint with CFPB. 

USAA did not sell the mortgages, just contracted out the "servicing" of them.  I have had a NIGHTMARE dealing with Nationstar going on 9 months now.  I'm at my wits end.  Look on the back or last page of your mortgage statement and you should see the "required by law" info on how to file a complaint regarding the servicing of your loan, then do so.  I live in Texas and contacted the Texas Dept of Savings and Mortgage Lending, told them what was happening with Nationstar and was advised to file a formal complaint, which I am.   Nationstar is dishonest and lacks accountability and integrity.  Even worse, they (and their computers) are unable to correctly add and subtract.  Completely unacceptable when you are trying to service loans, in fact it is federally noncompliant (though with the currect white house occupant and the decimation of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, we'd better hope the states are willing to enforce the law, since we can't rely on the Feds for now...)

Thank you for your post, @LSHLSH.  We continue to strive to improve our services as we greatley appreciate your membership.  If you need assistance communicating with NationStar, please let us know.  -- Shawn G.