Does USAA have a plan to implement a way to 'split transactions' when categorizing transactions? I have fully committed to the USAA Money Manager, but it is lacking a few niceties.


Cephasiii, that is great feedback we love to hear!  Please send us your thoughts so we may submit for review.  We offer the option to categorize your purchases. Our web support team can help you with any other questions you have on this feature. You may reach them at 1-877-632-3002 and when prompted ask for "tech support.  ~JM

USAA software engineers should have very clear idea of what the Money Manager tool needs to do to split transactions.    THIS IS IT: 




Your software dev team needs to add this feature to Money Manager - users have been inquiring about this for YEARS, and NOTHING HAPPENS.   Specifically, this needs to be added into TRACK MY MONEY.    Once added, my direct deposit each month can be accurately categorized into gross income less seven or eight specific deductions (401(k), FICA, Taxes, etc).    Without this, USAA Budget Tool will NEVER COMPETE with Mint.    Why bother employing software engineers if you don't LISTEN TO USERS.   USERS SHOULD GUIDE EVERY DECISION YOU MAKE IN PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT.    PLEASE LISTEN TO US AND GET IT RIGHT.    


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Hello @cyberj2, I will get your feedback regarding these changes forwarded. -Colleen

Just to let you know, this has been asked for since 2014. USAA's standard procedure is to act like it's the first time this has been asked for and then have you submit a formal request making you feel like they are listening. This standard, must-have feature will more than likely never make its way into the Money Manager and USAA will invest more and more money into a product most budget users don't use. I have to use split transactions and while I would love to have everything in 1 system - I can't. USAA just doesn't care. Empower and YNAB are good budgeting applications to look into (Mint is now owned by greedy Intuit and it is full of Ads). USAA Money Manager is going to let you down eventually. Whether it's the lack of split transactions or a web interface that loses its mind and its place at times - you will get annoyed. Good luck though. :)


PS - I love USAA banking. Love the company. However, it's annoying to see their standard bot response on a subject that has long been sought after by its user base.