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Almost everyone's USAA Visa Debit card is consistently declined in South Korea at both ATMs and merchant POS. It works in some places, particularly on US bases and larger chain establishments, but the majority of the time it is declined.
I was told that it is a Korean bank issue, but I have noticed that my friends with other Visa debit and credit cards issued by US banks have no issue being approved.


Oh no, @Ltdan309, I know that can be frustrating. Please send a private message with the details on the recent declines you've received, such as merchant's name, amount, time, date, etc. if you have it available. I'm happy to take a look and see what options may be available. You can activate your private messages by clicking on your username on the top right-hand-corner of the Member Community page and selecting My Settings. Then, select Private Messenger, then Turn On Private Messages and Save. - Cathleen

Way too many to keep track of. It's extremely inconsistent. It will work at a Starbucks, but get declined in the Taxi on the way back. It gets declined in about half of all restaurants and cafes. I'm tied of carrying around hundreds of thousands of Won with me. I would have thought that my card was messed up but it works 100% of the time on base. Also, the same issue is happening to everyone here I have talked to that has the Visa Debit.

I can totally understand how frustrating and inconvenient that is for you, @Ltdan309. I have confirmed that it appears to be on the merchant's end, as the card functions at other merchants. I have provided this information to our business team to review. I appreciate you bringing this to our attention. - Cathleen

It is not at the merchants end. I carry another Visa card with me from another bank and it works fine on the same machines and the same vendors. I am looking at other posts on this site and your replies are always about shifting the blame to the merchant or their network, or saying that the issue has been elevated to another team, but we never get answers. This is a systemic problem effecting specifically USAA debit cards and your dismissal of the issue is insulting.

@Ltdan309, the merchant must update their systems with USAA's information, because this has not been done, the transactions are not able to process. ~ Samantha

I mean, you must receive hundreds of calls about this. Merchants around base even put up signs that say USAA cards don't work. Taxis have stickers on the back seat warning customers that USAA cards do not work. Can we get real answers to this please. I am very close to switching to Navy Federal.