Why is this not a thing? Isn't the military producing leaders? Shouldn't leaders be in charge? Why aren't we encouraging and supporting military leaders to use their skills to start a business? Just good for thought. We need this type of accounts.


IFF God, USAA used to offer Business Checking accounts, however it was found that this was not in popular demand by the majority of our membership, therefore it actually took away from our focus on the military community. Please know that I have submitted your interest in business accounts as feedback to help gauge the demand for this product again. Should the products ever become available again on usaa.com for our members to take advantage of.  Thanks, JM.

I have asked about this in the past as well.

Kd7ltn, Thank you for your interest in business accounts. Our banking team knows that business accounts are important to some of our members. However, USAA does not currently have the infrastructure to provide members the best small business banking solutions. Developing this solution would require a significant investment that would affect the value we can provide members in other areas. Our immediate goal is to find new ways to provide members with more value for their personal banking needs. Thank you for your understanding. ~DC

I wanted to take a moment to update this thread with the announcement of the launch of USAA’s new business financing with StreetShares Inc. You can find out more about the collaboration here, or sign up here. Thank you all for your comments and participation, it has been instrumental in leading to this pilot.

I own a small business in North Dakota, Street Shares does not operate in North Dakota :( 

@MeanGenes, Thanks for sharing with us. I'll let the team know we have North Dakotans that want in! Hope you have a wonderful day!