My husband and I are starting a small business.  We do the majority of our banking through USAA.  I was really hoping that we could continue to do so but you do not have anything for small businesses.  Please look into expanding your services to meet this need I am sure many of your customers could utilize. 


khow52, Congratulations on your startup of a new business! We appreciate your interest in USAA Bank for your financial needs. As you know, USAA doesn't offer accounts for businesses. Our current focus is on accounts with a Social Security Number for personal use only. I will certainly share your feedback about expanding our services, as I agree that many of our members could utilize business banking services. ~Darcy

I wanted to take a moment to update this thread with the announcement of the launch of USAA’s new business financing with StreetShares Inc. You can find out more about the collaboration here, or sign up here. Thank you all for your comments and participation, it has been instrumental in leading to this pilot.