My wife needs to sign cards for checking accounts & savings account, also I ordered checks & haven’t received them? Do I need to print the signature cards, have them signed & fax them back?



Thanks for reaching out, @jhlavinka48 - You certainly can print the cards, have your wife sign them and fax them back (to 800-531-5717, please include your name and member number on the cover sheet) if you like. Or scan and upload them to the website, if you prefer. To scan them, simply click on My Tools and then select Scan & Upload. Then, follow the prompts to complete the process. As for your check order, due to security and privacy restrictions, I'm unable to provide account specific information via social media. I would recommend you initiate a secured chat by clicking the Ask USAA link in the upper right corner of your Account Summary page. A live representative will be able to provide specifics on your check order. Have a great evening.