When accessing my new checking account, I am being reqested to eSign a signature card and W-9.

When I click 'complete forms' I am notified that these forms are not available. 


Hello and thank you for sharing your concern in regards to your E-signing your signature card and W-9 forms for your new account. When you are trying to access the forms are you going to your account summary level for the specific new account you opened? You should see what we call a "digital detour" for you to click on and E-sign the forms. If not we can assist you via our chat channel or by phone with locating the forms. If you need our support via chat please setup your Member Community profile to send us a Private Message by following the steps below: Click on your username on the top right-hand corner of your Member Community page> next select My Settings > Turn on private messages > then Save. Once you have done this I can forward you a link to initiate a chat with us to assist with your request. Thank you!