I was trying to view my bank account with USAA. I cannot even view it because of a popup that tells me that I need to send in a signature card or else my account will be closed. I try to click on the option to get this resolved, but it says that it is not available at this time. Please help. I don't want my account to be closed.


TrulyBeautiful! Yikes! Let me have a look at that and see how I can help you. Give me just a moment :)

Thank you for your patience. I have uploaded a signature card to your documents online. It should appear within a few minutes under the My Tools > Documents.  You may click on My Tools > Send documents to USAA to send this back to us and have the account reactivated.   Thank you for allowing us to help.

I had this happen too just now and now I can’t get the pop up to reactivate itself.

@Teh.Faye, Thank you for taking the time to post. I recommend that your clear out your web browser's cache, close and then re-open the browser to log back on to I hope this helps. - Ben 

I also just logged into my account-view and received a signature card notification on a couple of my accounts. My first (fearful) thought was that it was illegitimate and that I'd been hacked because these are not new accounts! Can someone please explain to me why this request is just coming up now instead of when the accounts were opened? I want to resolve this quickly as I don't want my accounts to close and I also need to pay bills from them. I just want to make sure it's a legitimate request first and understand why it's popping-up now out of the blue.

Thank you for reaching out, @Snails. I apologize for any confusion this may have caused and appreciate your feedback. You may have received this notification because a Signature Card and or W-9 form is missing for one or more of the accounts. You may E-sign on and, Scan and upload, Fax or Mail. Please let me know if I may be of further assistance. Tricia

Will you please send me a W9 form to my USAA documents. I will sign and upload back to you.  

Unfortunately, I am not getting an online form

Dear @objectFactory,


I am very sorry you have not been able to complete the w-9 online. We are happy to provide you with a form via your online documents. Please allow 1-2 business days for processing. It will then become available online. Thanks! - Jesse

Requesting that same signature card.  I have the classic checking account, if that matters.  Thank you.