J.L. Davis

I logged into my account and when I tried to check my Checking account, a box showed up claiming that they were missing a signature card and w-9 form. This happened before and went away without me sending anything after I talked to an agent but why is this still happening? I am receiving aid due to being a victim of multiple natural disasters and this is becoming quite cumbersome.  


Thank you for contacting us, J.L. Davis. I'd like to look into this for you. Please allow me a few minutes to review your information. Once my research has been completed, I'll post a message in the the Secure message center. It should be available under "My Alerts & Actions" within 30 minutes. Thank you - Tricia

My daughter has a youth spending account and every time I call I get told there is no signature card. The reps keeping telling me they are mailing one and I have as of yet to receive one. I thought I signed it for the both of us shortly after the account was opened. I know I need to get my daughter logged in for online access so, I can teach about the website, as well.Thanks in advance for help/guidance.

Dear Renee19,


I am very sorry to hear you have not received the form. Please note one was recently mailed, therefore, you should be receiving that copy within 1-2 days. I also mailed you another copy which will arrive within ten business days; in the event you don't receive the one recently mailed. Thanks! - Jesse