Hi, can I accept a check from someone who wants to sign it over to me on the back? The check is made out to that other person.


@Chapman95, This is a great question. We do accept what would be called a Third Party Check. One important thing to consider is that you can not submit that by using deposit @ Mobile. You would only be able to deposit via a USAA Deposit taking ATM or by mail. If your going to mail or deposit to a USAA deposit taking ATM, you would want to be sure it is endorsed correctly. If you type " USAA Locator " In the search field on you can check for an ATM in your area. 

The check must be endorsed as follows:

  • Line 1 - Originator's signature
  • Line 2 - Pay to the Order Of (Account Holder's Name)
  • Line 3 - Account holder's signature
  • Line 4 - For Deposit Only (Account Number)

Thank you for the inquiry. ~ Suzy